The Colorful Sign by you.
We went to Athens to the Gamma Phi Beta 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt this weekend. It was SO much fun to be back at the house…so many fun times there in that old house.
The energy is still there. It was amazing to share it with my family!
Easter Games by you.
There were games
Lots of Easter Eggs.
Again, lots of smiling and lots of Easter Eggs.
Beatrice Focus' on the Easter Bunny by you.
The Easter Bunny!
“He id so niiice,” Beatrice kept telling us.
There were a whole lot of alumni.
Lots of clapping from my new clapping-man.
Lots of smiles from Mommy.
And, a  peek-a-boo-oopsy’s from sweet little, competitive determined to get every egg ever,  B.
And finally, there were sleeping babies!