You know, we don’t take any of this material stuff with us when we go. I think about this from time to time; and, remind myself of it regularly. This is how I try to live my life – modestly, simply, honestly. Yet, rich with love, life, and relationships. I try not to get vested, interested, and in love with clothes, cars, and pricey things. Even though, I think I often do find too much joy in it.  I try to focus on my friends, family, and maker. Matthew reminds me that where your treasure is, your heart is also. In the end, we are not defined by the stuff in our houses, the car in our driveway, nor by what we have in our wallets and on our bank accounts. We are defined by our hearts. I don’t want my heart to reveal anything tangible. Conversely, I want it to be full of love for others, for my family, my friends, my pets, my fellow earth animal and human habitants. When I go home. That is how I want to go. I have to remind myself of this at times. But, this is how I want my bags packed when I head to the next stop in this journey.