i love maps…
and look at all the amazing things made with them…

 i love, love, love all kinds map goodness
i like to read them, navigate by them. i always have. just ask brian. he even calls me, megellan.
i have always dreamt of a giant map in our house. although, i admit we don’t have one. i don’t keep many things but i have a stash of maps from national parks, denver, the atlanta olympics, st. simons, disney world, france, paris…just a big stash of maps. all that i have displayed, though, is a globe that we gave brian for father’s day one year and that is it. i hope to have a map put up by the end of the year. i love maps.
check out more here

note….they have a great etsy store, too.
What are your thoughts on maps? Do you use them in your decorating? Do like more up-to-date, practical maps, or more decorative maps?
Here is one last picture of a map:

large wall map childs room

this photo via design mom and here