map pillow My Bearded Pigeon

design mom is moving to france for a year. A YEAR. she is leaving in a week. the countdown is on. i am amazed and in love with this decision her family of eight is making. in fact, i must admit i am following gabrielle’s blog like a hungry poodle at chow time. i savor each morsel of a post that she drops. i salivate with wonder and expectation, while feeling full upon each munch. design mom and her husband are making an international move with their six children. i admire the freedom, the shear size, and the adventure of this family.

so, here’s to you, design mom. from my little blog to your big one. and my little family to your large one. you are absolutely amazing!  thanks for the blog brunch. it is a special treat. thanks for sharing your bold feast with us. for the record – from here on out, i will be having champagne, cheese, and foie gras chips with each blue plate of a post (or at least, considering it). 

bon voyage! 

P.S. — I am in love with these map pillows she posted on her blog by My Bearded Pigeon. They scan in actual maps and then have them printed as textiles.