Dear Walt Disney World:

I really relished the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend. In fact, I thought it was an incredible opportunity to live it up!  However, I had no idea you would embarresingly post pictures and videos and create a vision for the world of just how horrific I look in workout attire, how awkward I run, and how ridiculous I am after running 13.1 miles.

I spent way too much on this event. Mickey, you can be confident I will not exceed my budget when it comes to purchasing this memorabilia. I guess, your social media accomplished one thing: proof to the world that fat women CAN run. Yee haw. Girls, I did it!  

If only I had known, I would have spruced up before the 4a bus ride, put on some make up,  worn something more flattering and less frumpish.

All in all, your disregard for my race-privacy-wish does not inhibit my fancy for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. It was an unbelievably, marvelous time. Thanks for a show stopping princess-of-an-event that helped me reach my goals and gave me an opportunity to revel in girl time.

Yours most truely embarressed,