I’m Christy.  The heart and soul of this little blog. Blogging is new to me as I am trying to learn the art before building one for my husbands business.   I am a: Mother. Daughter. Grand Daughter. Day Dream Believer. Wife. Pet Lover. Friend. Dreamer. Spoke in the Karma Wheel. Spiritualist. Lover of flowers, fun, family and friends. Not as Green as I would like to be. Closet Environmentalist. UGA Grad.  Dawg Fan. Traveler.  Lover of Life. A Child at Heart.

   Pet Massage 80's Do

If you want more:  I have done all kinds of crazy things.  I’ve been a ”merchandising hostess’ in the Magic Kingdom, a cashier at the UGA Book Store, a clerk at a clothes shop, a hospitality team member for Anhieser Bushe during the 1996 Olympics, a manager of 15 contracters and over 600 clients of my own business, and an account executive for a huge billboard company. Strangely,  I don’t know if all of this experience qualifies me to be a mother. I still have a lot of learning that seems to happen daily. Children change; they are not the same; what works in the morning does not work in the afternoon , and what worked yesterday does not work today. I hope and strive to be a good mama. I want to give her love and confidence and an open mind. I want to give her the gifts of knowledge, education and exposure.  I want her to be trusting and know that she is loved. 

I want to be a good mom.

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