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Glow in the dark Skull&Crossbones silly band earrings me
Fancy up me hearties. Yo ho! †This pair of glow-in-the-dark silly band skull earrings are sure to be the life of†ye party and the highlight of me mates day.† These jewels would have been the perfect treasure to shiver me timbers at Beatrice’s Pirate party!
These pirate earrings†from Black Feather Studios†are as one-of-a-kind as the artist, who just launched the etsy†store. I am be a huge fan of this young girl. My love goes waaaayyyy back to when she was a baby girl — and, used to come play with my sister, my dog and I at the beach. I am so impressed with her work. I can’t believe she can do this…the mediums she uses (like snake vertebrae)†are naturally, ecclectically cool while the jewelry is feminine and pretty.
Congratulations, Black Feather Studio. Your shop is unique and beautiful…just like you and your sweet mama. Kudos!