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…these monograms made out of sailing flags. Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a different flag in this shared room. 

Isn’t that cool? I love it!  

I love these monograms, the artist that made them, and the mama who put them in her babies room.

All around lots of love, nautical love, LOVE. Sailing away with lots of kudos. :)

100 striped paper straws - red/white

I procured the red & white straws for the (super fun) Melting Witch Punch at Beatrice’s Over the Rainbow Party from Jessica’s shop on Etsy. She featured Lauren’s picture of the punch on her blog Fort & Field. Surprised by the post, my heart beamed when I recognized the brew. Oh, my heart is forever in love with Etsy. It makes me feel so good to buy from a vested, charismatic artist instead of a corporate store.

Thanks for the post and artwork, Jessica. And, thanks again for the pictures Lauren.