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Handy Dandy Easter Egg Candy!

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I am kind of liking the Cripple Lillies.  I don’t know that much about them except that they recorded in A-town, that’s Athen’s, Georgia in local dialect.  Yet, they are based in Florida.  Their music is kind-of-a-lovely folksy shock. Indie-folk type tunes to soothe you while you drink your coffee. Umm…it goes down so smooth.  Their music sounds mature. They seem ready for mainstream as they have an album due to be released in 2008. 

You will think of picking daisies and wild roses when you hear their work. It sings to your soul.  Seriously, it’s cheerful and sunny and earthy and natural with a refreshing element.

Boy, do I miss the music-scene pre-babyhood.  I bet Daddy Hulsey does, too!

I am listening to their song:  Henry Darger. It’s really good stuff. Ear candy. Yum.

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