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Handy Dandy Easter Egg Candy!






Beatrice, that bowling ball is as big as you! We had a great time playing at The Clubhouse at Gracie’s 7th birthday. Our toddler fashionista dressed herself and swore off the provided shoes at the center. “Mama, I am NOT wearing those,” she informed us. As you can see, she changed her mind upon realizing that it is a requirement to bowl. The little bowling shoes were so tiny and cute.

Whitaker had a great time, too. Depite my best attempt, the delay on my camera phone prevented any shots of speedy Whitaker. 

Beatrice used her tickets to buy Whitaker a one inch bouncy ball, a ring that we lost at The Clubhouse, and a plastic bracelet that broke. It must be fun to shop because we spent the longest time deciding exactly what to purchase.

All in all it was a great party and a great birthday celebration for sweet Gracie at The Clubhouse!



i regret these aren’t the best focused pictures. i quickly took them with my phone. last week beatrice’s dance school performed a charity recital, Faith in Motion. this is her second year going to class, but the first performance i have seen because i have always been back stage. it was breathtaking. i, very honestly, was amazed at how good the girls were, especially the older ones. and, b’s class was absolutely adorable. they were soooo cute. brian and i were so proud of our little dancer!

we usually take beatrice somewhere to celebrate post performance, like Chops or Christopher’s for desert. but, tonight we had sweet Whitaker. so, El Som for dinner it was! Tana and Whitaker snuggled on one side of the booth, while Papa, Beatrice and I sat on the other side. it was a great night. :)


 mixed up a bunch of ingredients like this


Beatrice could hardly contain her excitement. “Mama, what kind of party do you think Papa is going to have? Are all his Fah-Wends coming,” she curiously asked. She suspects he is having a “spider man” or a “prinnn cesss” one.


She loved every minute. Including recipe hunting, grocery shopping, , baking, cooling, icing it took all day. It was GREAT …even when the red food dye spilled on my shorts and all over the counter *sigh* *smile*.


Whitaker was not interested in baking. He was, however, very interested in entertaining us with the sounds and races of his trucks, motocycles and cars.


Nothing glamorous. Made with a whole lot of time and love, though.

I hope Brian isn’t offended that we made him a red velvet cake for his birthday.

Happy birthday, Red. We love you to the MOON!






Family paint day.

this amazing starlette crown reminds me of sweet, spickle-sparkle (as she calls the shiney things she loves) beatrice

and a and so does this very cute vintage owl. she loves barn owls, i suppose from all of the visits to the raptor center and she loves blue birds (from her wizard of oz fascination). this looks just like her, to me.

both found via here on the etsy favorite list

Beatrice debuted her dancing skills before her parents last week. It was the first time we have seen her in class. It was so much fun. We were really impressed. Mom kept Whitaker so that we could fully enjoy the performance. Brian and I both smiled the entire hour. It was so funny.

These were impromptu. Brian recorded from his phone so ignore the clarity. I hope you enjoy them!!!

Brian took these photos on Sunday. I thought I would share them before I forget about it; and, while I have the time. 

Happy Wednesday!

beatrice has gotten so big. i took a few pictures of her before she headed to mommys morning out at the church last week. for some odd reason, i didn’t notice her growth until my first sight of her post delivering whitaker. like a caterpillar the dawn before piercing he cocoon, she metamorphed into a child. i could have sworn she was just a baby. she has become a little lady, a little girl.

and, so mischeavious.

and, so loving and caring and nurturing.

oh beatrice, you are growing up on mama and papa.

“Beatrice, I love Paris. How about you?” I ask.

“Papa, We BOTH love Paris. Can we come back some day? Please. Please.” we say.

“Let’s make a pack over a nose nuzzle. We ARE coming back some day!”


Oh, God. Dear God. I think you have a misplaced pawn.  There is a piece on the wrong spot on the board.  I think I am meant to be a Parisian. I love, love, LOVE, Paris, France!

Here are a few of our pictures:

Papa and Beatrice getting their Photos for the Carte Orange


 To all those who have lost their heads and lives here…
 The boy wants a cold Coca cola, please.  

 Beatrice and I feel so small…

At the Notre Dame of Paris

 Photos from American Monument, Cemetary and Memorial at Omaha Beach, France.


Grandmother: We went to grand-lengths to locate the markers for the two West Boys we found (each entered the military in South Carolina). You said, “well, neither Ansel nor Arthur rings a bell.  Daddy sent flowers to his brother over there every year, but that is not my Uncle’s name.”  We are so sorry! Our regrets to you for mis-locating the markers. If the thought counts… 

Beatrice was a blister that day as you can see in the photos.  The reverence and silence observed throughout the United States territory was enough to make her a sour puss for the entire day.  We are sorry – but hope you know we tried. Love you and miss you!!!

We went to a birthday party over the weekend. Beatrice had a blast as she was asleep before I pulled out of the drive! She LOVES parties. I was shocked by her independence. She has become so confident. While all the other kids were inside she slipped outside to a yard of toys-to-herself.

Mom, she really likes those red and yellow little tykes cars like you want to get for the girls. She even tried to put a lawn mower in the back. Someone said, “she’s packing the car.”

Here are the pictures, see for yourself:


Oh, and Amanda, Lilly’s hand-me-down red dress is so cute. It was perfect for the train themed party!  I bought a cute head band to match but I didn’t get any pictures. I am so terrible about taking photos.

 Happy Monday.  Here’s hoping your week gets off to a good start!


We went to a birthday party today. And, Beatrice had so much fun! She played. And, played. And, played. And, played.

She ate hamburgers, hot dogs, and a strawberry shortcake cupcake.

Having missed her afternoon slumber, she fell asleep before we got to the end of the driveway. 

Papa snapped these tonight. We were getting ready to go to dinner.  You can barely see my blue shirt, but it’s one of my new finds : ). I think Beatrice likes to get dressed just as much as I like to dress her up. It’s fun!

B in blue dress 

This dress came out of one of Great Grandmother’s sacks-of-good-finds.  Thank goodness for her passion for shopping.  We love it!

It’s getting late. And, I have got to run.  I am sleepy.  Here’s a quick snap of my new glasses.  Come on camera, make me look skinny and pretty.  Work your magic nice Nikon. Here it is.  Don’t you love my snoggles — these are my new glasses.  The funny thing is, one eye has perfect vision. The other has a stigma.  So, I can see out of one eye, just not the other.

With one eye on the prize (and the other still trying to focus),

 B’s Mama