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  feel good letterpress card found here

Brian was informed that he was selected to be in the Statesboro Herald’s 2011 20 Under 40 group of young leaders.

Congrats, babe.

You deserve all the honors, accolades, awards, and enough applause to bring down the house for all of those things you do.


 mixed up a bunch of ingredients like this


Beatrice could hardly contain her excitement. “Mama, what kind of party do you think Papa is going to have? Are all his Fah-Wends coming,” she curiously asked. She suspects he is having a “spider man” or a “prinnn cesss” one.


She loved every minute. Including recipe hunting, grocery shopping, , baking, cooling, icing it took all day. It was GREAT …even when the red food dye spilled on my shorts and all over the counter *sigh* *smile*.


Whitaker was not interested in baking. He was, however, very interested in entertaining us with the sounds and races of his trucks, motocycles and cars.


Nothing glamorous. Made with a whole lot of time and love, though.

I hope Brian isn’t offended that we made him a red velvet cake for his birthday.

Happy birthday, Red. We love you to the MOON!


Beatrice says, “The men at red b power are number one.” You should, too!

Hello everybody! It’s that time of year again…time for the “best of the ‘boro!” I am voting for my favorite electrician and I hope you will, too!!! You can vote once a day, every day this week. It is really simple. You don’t even have to nominate any other businesses; and you don’t even have to be from here. It’s one vote per email address per day. If you nominate 50% of the ballet then you are entered to win fifty dollars. Thanks for helping me nominate Brian!

Here is how to do it:
* First, go to
* Second, go to contests
* Third, go to Best of the ‘Boro
* Fourth, follow the directions and nominate red b power, inc. (or brian hulsey) as the best electrician!
* You must vote this week for service businesses.  You can vote four times: today, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! 

*Note: the picture is of Brian and Beatrice at the HBA Tour of Homes last year.