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BOB stroller jogging outdoors

If you know me,  you know that I am a minamalist. I don’t have a lot of things. But, the things I do have, I really, really love and adore. If you know me then you probably know that I used to pine for a good stroller…and, that  Brian super surprised me with an unusally fantastic present one time that is high on the adoration list: a BOB Strollers!    

My sentiments considered, I can not resist sharing these fantastic giveaways.

The first one is on the Design Mom Facebook page. You could win a world-famous BOB Stroller Stride in bright valentine red. Time to get my red ON!

Are you a BOB fanatic? I sooo am – with a double that I swear by for pretty much any outside activity — from all-terrain walks/runs to tackling in-town curbs. Admittedly,  it is extra-wide-bulky-large-kind-of-cumbersome-so big that it is slightly embarressing, which is why the single must. be. perfect. OoOOooo…Ahhhh. HOLY STROLLER.

The Stroller Strides version is made especially with fitness in mind. Hello?? Need I say more. This must be one great stroller. It even has a BOB Fitness Kit that includes a Handlebar Console, exercise manual and exercise tubing. The company actually launched this new line on February 1 with new features and colors.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on  Design Mom Facebook post between now and February 15. That is easy. For another chance, you can check out the BOB Stroller Facebook fan page.

Pushing products and brands seems pretentious and phony; but, the BOB is an exception.

We enjoy ours so much. It would make my day if you won the BOBby Giveway! :)

i love maps…
and look at all the amazing things made with them…

 i love, love, love all kinds map goodness
i like to read them, navigate by them. i always have. just ask brian. he even calls me, megellan.
i have always dreamt of a giant map in our house. although, i admit we don’t have one. i don’t keep many things but i have a stash of maps from national parks, denver, the atlanta olympics, st. simons, disney world, france, paris…just a big stash of maps. all that i have displayed, though, is a globe that we gave brian for father’s day one year and that is it. i hope to have a map put up by the end of the year. i love maps.
check out more here

note….they have a great etsy store, too.
What are your thoughts on maps? Do you use them in your decorating? Do like more up-to-date, practical maps, or more decorative maps?
Here is one last picture of a map:

large wall map childs room

this photo via design mom and here