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i regret these aren’t the best focused pictures. i quickly took them with my phone. last week beatrice’s dance school performed a charity recital, Faith in Motion. this is her second year going to class, but the first performance i have seen because i have always been back stage. it was breathtaking. i, very honestly, was amazed at how good the girls were, especially the older ones. and, b’s class was absolutely adorable. they were soooo cute. brian and i were so proud of our little dancer!

we usually take beatrice somewhere to celebrate post performance, like Chops or Christopher’s for desert. but, tonight we had sweet Whitaker. so, El Som for dinner it was! Tana and Whitaker snuggled on one side of the booth, while Papa, Beatrice and I sat on the other side. it was a great night. :)

Everybody keeps talking about the new restaurant in town.  Rather than cook, I think we are going to try it soon.  I found this article.  From it’s description, Christophers sounds like it will be great.   Here is an article from Jan Moore from the Statesboro Herald. I cut and pasted it. Or, you can click through to the article, here.  You can read about my personal visit to Christophers, here.

It’s intimate, it’s sleek, and it has fabulous ambience. It’s Christopher’s restaurant, slated to open during the first week of September.

            Located on South Main Street in the Midtown development, Christopher’s is the latest installment in a “foodies” dream. With a coffee house, wine and cigar store, and lunch restaurant already in operation, Christopher’s will complete Midtown’s offerings by serving dinner Tuesday through Sunday.

            Chef and co-owner of the restaurant Stephen Christopher “Soup” Campbell said Christopher’s will operate in sync with the other businesses in the development.

            “We will run like one large operation,” Campbell said. “We are here to help one another out and literally feed off of each other. For example, the chefs from Wrapsody will help here at night and we will share supplies and ideas.”

            Campbell said everyone involved in the operation of Midtown is passionate about great food and providing a fine dining experience. “It is who we are; it is what we love to do.”

            That passion includes a demonstration/teaching kitchen located on the second floor of Christopher’s.

            “We want to give cooking lessons during the day as well as prepare for catering,” Campbell said. “That is why Christopher’s will only be open for dinner. We cannot wait to share our passion for food with others.”
            Campbell said Christopher’s will serve “American regional” fare in which he will use fresh southeastern ingredients to create his daily menu. The following is an example of what Campbell is going to serve – roasted duck breast with a blackberry port reduction served with a green apple, sweet potato gratin and prosciutto and asparagus topped with a watercress vinaigrette. Campbell said his menu will rotate depending on what is in season.

            Working with Campbell are Adam Saltzman and Michael Ditchfield. Saltzman will serve as a floor manager and sommelier of the operation, and Ditchfield will also help with the floor and manage the business aspect of the restaurant.

            It is clear when talking with the three of them that Christopher’s is a team effort and a labor of love.

            “We want people to come in and leisurely enjoy a fine meal with wonderful wine,” Ditchfield said. “We don’t want people to feel rushed. We just want them to relax and have a great time. Also, we encourage people to make a reservation.”

          By JAN MOORE  Posted: Aug. 19, 2007  4:38 p.m.