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 Beauty is fleeting. And, so is life.

I’ve always known that great things sit atop cake stands… but this arrangement I did with my family for Pottery Barn, captured by the crazy talented Diana Daley Photographers is an absolute perfect display of whimsical, laid back sophistication. I mean, seriously have you ever seen baby blueberries, fresh cut maple leaves and a dried longleaf hydrangea look so beautiful before?

Being with your favorite women (with strong ideas and creative energies) surrounded by a gorgeous garden all makes for a day of beauty and one really interesting arrangement!  :) And you can see the whole project with my Mom, Grandmother and cousin if you click right here.

My favorite colors for spring are interesting including a variety of natural yellows,whites, corals, and deep greens. From buds to blooms to crumpling leaves in decay I incorporate all stages of life for a loose, organic, lush, natural and wild look.

What flowers should you use? Whatever makes you smile! I love expressive flowers like peonies, ranunculus and sweet peas, and rich roses alongside local, seasonal varieties. I am fond of flowers I’ve grown, or someone I know has grown – like from my Grandmother’s garden.

Nature has the best flowers. Whether foraging yourself or visiting others that do, local growers passionate about growing beautiful flowers are everywhere. Farmer’s Markets & independent garden stores are the best resource for local flowers. I love to visit mine. However, snipping greenery from pretty plants, yard trees, and bushes on your walk home is just perfect. Urban foraging is a great way to add loose, organic movement to your arrangement.

For a wild, lyrical look I recommend asymmetrical design verses geometric styles. If you look at your design and you love it then trust yourself. You’ve got it!

My grandmother, Margie Tygart, is the 87 year old in the pics. She’s a flower expert. In fact,there is a statue in her town center in honor of her natural flower arrangements called The Butterfly Girl. The video link is below. Margie says, “don’t be afraid to cut your flowers at different heights—having depth and variation will give your arrangement an airy and natural feel.”

While vases are classic vessels, I favor unusual pieces with large openings. A cake stand is perfect! A wider opening means more flowers. Plus, it allows them to fall naturally and encourages more movement.

A cake stand flower arrangement is fabulous for showers, events, rehearsal dinners and wedding because the base can be kept for years to come. It’s so meaningful and resourceful. It’s gorgeous!

It’s really all about creating a beautiful little platter, a pretty story atop the charger of your life.The heights & textures of your greatest dreams, and all the things that have make you – you make the most beautiful vignette. Everything you need can be found within you and around you.

You’ll be amazed at what you are capable of creating.

I’d love to see your story exactly as you arrange it atop your Pottery Barn cake stand.

Show me. Good luck and merry flower making!

Cake Stand: Pottery Barn

Venue: Garden of the Coastal Plain

Photography: Diana Daley Photography

Floral Design: Colonial House of Flowers

Stylist: Lauren Weems, Camp Makery

Supplies: Syndicate Sales

Flowers: Statesboro Farmer’s MarketCalifornia Flowers

Inspiration: Slow Flowers by Debra Prinzing

Handy Dandy Easter Egg Candy!

Julie from Sprinkles Bath & Bodymade these cute products. Remember those straws I got from fort & field for the melting Witch Punch? Well, these are the same straws.I think this isvery creative!

Lip lollies are all natural lip balm made to look like a real lollipop by using a striped paper straw for the stick…



iregret these aren’t the best focused pictures. iquickly took them with my phone. last week beatrice’sdance school performed a charity recital, Faith in Motion. this is her second year going to class, but the first performance ihave seen because ihave always been back stage. it was breathtaking. i, very honestly, was amazed at how good the girls were, especially the older ones. and, b’s class was absolutely adorable. they were soooocute. brian and i were so proud of our little dancer!

we usually take beatrice somewhere to celebrate post performance, like Chops or Christopher’s for desert. but, tonight we had sweet Whitaker. so, El Som for dinner it was! Tana and Whitaker snuggled on one side of the booth, while Papa, Beatrice and I sat on the other side. it was a great night. :)


mixed up a bunch of ingredients likethis


Beatrice could hardly contain her excitement. “Mama, what kind of party do you think Papa is going to have? Are all his Fah-Wends coming,” she curiously asked. She suspects he is having a “spider man” or a “prinnncesss” one.


She loved every minute. Including recipe hunting, grocery shopping, , baking, cooling, icing it took all day. It was GREAT …even when the red food dye spilled on my shorts and all over the counter *sigh* *smile*.


Whitaker was not interested in baking. He was, however, very interested in entertaining us with the sounds and races of histrucks, motocycles and cars.


Nothing glamorous. Made with a whole lot of time and love, though.

I hope Brian isn’t offended that we made him a red velvet cake for his birthday.

Happy birthday, Red. We love you to the MOON!

Brian and I have been trying to go to the Kentucky Derby since before we got married. But, it simply has not worked out. We are determined to make it…one of these years. Until then, we will have to try Cousin Daniel’s Mint Julip recipe . The fact that Daniel is in such a contest makes me proud. I love my family. Congratulations, Daniel.

Brian and I are happy to taste test until you score the winning formula.

I have finally uploaded pictures to flickrin agallery titled Over the Rainbow. I think it is sooo nice that someone thought to take pictures during the party because the Wicked Witch *me* did not have the time or thought tosnap photos of everything. More, the camera battery was dead when Brian grabbed our photo taker. I can not take credit for the photos as they are a combination of Lauren, Abbigail, andHeather’s work.
The gallery is unfinished as I have not completed descriptions and tags. Ahhh…where does the time go to do these things??None the less,the photos are up!

This party was so much bigger than we planned. And, so much more fun. Two weeks later, Beatrice is STILL talking about her Dorothy Party. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Thanks to my sister, my husband and all my wonderful friends and family for making this Over the Rainbowparty so special for my favorite Dorothy Gale and Munchkin.Scarecrows, Tinmen, Toto’s, Lions, Yellow Brick’s, Cyclones and Glinda’s young and oldcame from near and far (thanks Alli and Chandler for the drive from Atlanta, Amanda from Brunswick, and GG from Nashville!!!). It is a day that we will live in infamy around our house. It was special because of everyone’s love and effort. It truely is magical. It was wonderful!!!!

Oh, and that extra special Happy Cake from Stephanie. It was amazing.

Love and lots of hugs to everyone. Thank you SO much!



Speaking of Valentine’s Day, did I mention that I think this year’sis among thebest ever. Well, except the one where Brian proposed. That istops, totally. But, this yearmy old mandid so great. He gave me potted red tulips. They weren’t “floristy” ones, either. They were garden types in a pot with soil and roots. So, he gave me the best flowers ever in a pot that HE tied a red gingham ribbon around and topped with a very heartfelt card. He said the red gingham bow just looked like me (…I am guessing that is because of all the red gingham-ry he has seen due to the Wizard of Oz fascination and upcoming birthday party). Perfeito. I loved every minute of our Valentine’s Day this year. I gave him an oversized Hallmark card from the family. It was a Wizard of Oz theme. Considering Beatrice’s obsession with the Wizard of Oz and her enthusiasm of the large card with all the characters (…seriously, her eyes were as big as saucers), this card was SO perfect. Beatrice and I decorated the huge envelope and we shared our presents over breakfast. Beatrice got a tiny box of chocolates from Papa, and a book from Mama while Whitaker scored a whole bunch of lovin’, a homemade cookie and a card from Tana. It was a delicious morning around our house in more ways than one.

*Print via d. Sharp Journal

I am so thankful for The Gift of Ordinary Days from my little family. This small clip made me tear up and remember to focus on the fabulous-ness of our ordinary, little life.

(thanks, lea)

Beatrice debuted her dancing skills before her parents last week. It was the first time we have seen her in class. It was so much fun. We were really impressed. Mom kept Whitaker so that we could fully enjoy the performance. Brian and I both smiled the entire hour. It was so funny.

These were impromptu. Brian recorded from his phone so ignore the clarity. I hope you enjoy them!!!

The Baby Monitor is offically gone…G.O.N.E.


There are no more activity discs for download and not a blaring alarm in the room. It’s party time, little one. The new confidence in your health calls for a celebration. Fiesta!

Baby Whitaker, I love you. I think this moment calls for a party, a family fiesta of all fiesta’s. This milestone creates deep happiness, warmth, and love in Papa, Beatrice, Barry, and I.

Congratulations Baby Boy!

*photo from the banner sister’s etsy

Come along and spend the afternoon with me.  I soaked my shirt so I am going to take it off and get ready to rummmmmble.
Come along and spend the afternoon with me. I soaked my shirt so I am going to take it off and get ready to rummmmmble.
now, your shoes.
Now,my shoes.
Now, for the shorts.


Whitaker, there is a first time for everything. You really ARE going to enjoy our backyard afternoon.
Whitaker, there is a first time for everything. You really ARE going tolove our backyard afternoon. We promise!
Dont worry. Mommy is going to wash these. I like them this way.
Don’t worry. Mommy is going to wash these. I like them this way.

Poppy likes to do this…at the REI store.
Watch me rock climb. I love it.
My favorite thing in the back yard...the water spicket.
My favorite thing in the back yard…the water spicket.

Let’s go find Barry White.

There he is!

Whisker (that’s what spell check calls him so we do too some times) is tired. I knew he would love it.

My Sister and My Dad.

I looked at this today. It makes me sad.

Chick or Treat?

Chicken Little are those eggs in your basket, or candy?”they asked the chick.Papa, is that a chicken on your head?

Audrey looks a afraid of B’s antics. Tootle-lou from The Farm Chicks!

look mama. it’s the kiwanis ogeechee fair parade.

brian and i strolled beatrice to the parade this year. it was fun to have brian with us as it made us thankful he works in Statesboro. yay! it was also fun to see how much more interested beatrice was in the parade compared to last year. she loved it.

admittedly, it was sad too.when i think about parades i can not help but think of dad and how much he loves parades. i really need to emphasize LOVES parades.this will be the first year he is absent from the annual ogeechee fair kickoff event.

talking about the fair…there is something about the pancake house and my dad. the smell of local canesyrup and him.those two things just go together. last year when the alzheimers was beginning to kick-it a little bit,i think he went to a fewextra shifts. he was so excited. eagerly, he would show up early, leave late, andvolunteer on random unassigned days. he would just show up. it’s great fun, tonight, to imagine him cleaning tables, picking up plates and socializing (mainly the latter).dressed in the club uniform of a bright gold shirt he shuffled about the patronswiping a blotch of maple syrup here and a griddle crumb there. his bright royalblue kiwanis hat balanced upon his head while his dark blue lee jeans began to sag.

on nights like those it didn’t matter if he told the same story over and over, or repeated himself.there were too many people coming and one time he knew almost every body. now, he recognized only a one cared too much or noticed among the bustle of activity. he was, sort of, swallowed into the was perfect.i imagine him having great fun with the droves of people that herd through this mecca of kiwanis fundraisers.content. peaceful. people watching. feeling appreciated, needed and like he had a job.

okay, so back to the parade. maybe it isn’t such a bad thought after all. as i wish for him to be involved this year, great memories of yester yearconger . great. great. memories. memories that make me smile.

other blogs mentioning the fair: Sophie Tales

Grilled Hamburgers for this weeks Sunday Supper

  • 1 1/2 pounds ground chuck or ground round
  • 3 tablespoons fine dry bread crumbs
  • 1 egg, unbeaten
  • 2 tablespoons grated onion
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder, optional
  • 2 tablespoons Dales Steak Seasoning
  • seasoned salt and pepper
  • sliced tomatoes, optional
  • sliced pickles, optional
  • sliced onion, optional
  • lettuce, optional
  • condiments, as desired


Prepare a grill for high heat.Combine the beef with bread crumbs, Worcestershire sauce, grated onion, garlic powder, and Dale’s and egg. Shape the meat into 4 to 5 large patties. Sprinkle both sides of burgers lightly with seasoned salt and pepper.

Put burgers on a lightly oiled grill over the prepared coals and grill for about 5 to 7 minutes on each side, or until done as desired. Serve on split toasted buns with your choice of sliced vegetables and condiments.

Serves 4 to 5.

*Sorry Raw Food Divas, but I stuff ours with cheese and bacon.

*The super cute apron is by Caught Red Handed. It’s in their Etsy Shop. See it, here.

*The picture to the right is of my chef. He will probably shoot me if learns that I posted this picture. So, shhh, keep it on the down low.

We stopped for Gelato while Beatrice was napping in the Ergo for a private parent ice cream party!

Oh, Gelato! DEEEElicious!

Oh, God. Dear God. I think you have a misplaced pawn. There is a piece on the wrong spot on the board. I think I am meant to be a Parisian. I love, love, LOVE, Paris, France!

Here are a few of our pictures:

Papa and Beatrice getting their Photos for the Carte Orange

To all those who have lost their heads and lives here…

The boy wants a cold Coca cola, please.

Beatrice and I feel so small…

At the Notre Dame of Paris

On the way back from the Normandy beaches in Northern France wemade a special trip to Le Mont St. Michel. The pilgrimage to the shrine was worth the time, effort, and drive.

Despite our attempt to avoid pricey tours, we couldn’t resist. The 17.50 Euro per person price wasworth the spectacle of this Normandy attraction that rises from the hazy expanse of sand and waves.

Itis a bonusthat our arrivalfell during the night time tour, which includedmusic. Musicians with instruments were individually placed throughout the 2000 year old Monastery. It was neat tobend around a corner to hear a deep hum of a Cello being played. Or to hear the chanting of the choir dressed in whitehooded robes. The music was an added bonus for a family traveling with a toddler because it drowned out Beatrice’s deliberate ignorance of the OBSERVE SILENCE signs. More, it drew attention away from her occasional curiosity of the echo of her voice. She seemed to be amazed of the sound of her voice ringing through the halls.

This Mont has been used as far back as the 6th and 7thcenturies. With amazing tides spanning 14 meters between tides, quick sand, salt marshes, and the invasion of the highest tides in Europe reaching the Mont can be a feat. The waters are among the most dangerous in the world. Luckily, we reached thedestinationduring low tide. Upon reaching the Mont you travel by foot up the Grand Rue which is ashop, hotel, andrestaurant lined street toward the Abbey. The Grand Rue seemed like a trapto welcome the wallets of >3 million tourist a year as we felt we weren’t far off from a theme park.

I had hoped to tastethe famousfrothy omeletteof this area.It is asouffle ofnontraditional ingredients they make right in the windows before cooking in a wood fire oven.

And, I wanted totaste, agneau de Pr Sal which is the delicate lamb that wonder the salty marsh. Considering the omelette’s cost, which equals45 dollars according to Brian’s calculations,the experience wasn’t worth thebet on Beatrice’s dining behavior.

Despite the fine smells, the grand reputation, and the site of happy diners we skipped thefood of the Montto delve into the morsels of our cooler and pilfer the loot of our supermarket binge. Only great strength, and the cry of a toddlercould have made such a decision. I guess, I canuse this Norman omelette recipe at home. Somehow, it loses it’s appeal without the ambiance.

Brian told me on the way home, “We are coming back to France…just you and I…we are going to eat and drink and enjoy life as the french do…with no worry of children…we will bike and camp and stay in hotels.” I am hoping his commentsare a promise.

We will take you along our tour:

Here, share an apple (un pomme) with us before we go.

Take a break with us upon completing the great stairs. We are at the top!

Wow. It is majestic.

Look down with me. Oh, it is a long way down. It is a twinge scary.

I can barely see the people at the bottom. Can you?

From the top, it all looks surprising. The strength of nature, the prodigies of medieval architecture, the light…

Stop. Two french lovers asked us to take their photos from this point. We requested a return of the favor. One…two…Three…Say Cheese! Note, this is our only photo with all three of us.

I hear the beautiful sounds of the monks. Lets enter the Abbey. We feel so small.

Slow down, now. Beatrice wants to playinside the Benedictine Abbey under the columns of the cloister. The Cloisters has elegant marble columns, an example of early 13th-century Anglo-Norman style. The buildings of Mont St. Michel are constructed of granite, but there islimestone in the cloister.

A small group of Benedictine Monks still inhabit the monastery.It is so damp and windy. It must be a very cold place to live during the winter when the wind blows off the English Channel. Brrr…

Look at the pulley we have found! This is the Goods Lift Wheel inside the Benedictine Abbey. After the Revolution when the Abbey was turned into a prison, the cargo elevator was operated by prisoners trudging inside like a Hamster wheel. As the wheel turns a ladder is lifted from the ground up carrying goods. Surely, one of Satan’s demented fantasies.

Can you hear the Cello?
The mirror of the Knights Hall makes for a perfect self portroit. One of our two, now.
Walk with us now as we leave the Merveille Building and Gardens to descend this granite marvel.

Look up the Abbey for one last glimpse into history. Suspended high upon the rock it seems to call you to discover the wild ambition of it’s builders.

Sand is sand. Sea is sea. “A man-made marvel shines no brighter than the natural beauty of the landscape,” Beatrice reminds us as she INSISTS on playing in the shore. Take your shoes off as we did. Feel the thick-clay-like sludgy sand.

Dip your feet in the cold water. It is clear and chilly. It feels good.

Au Revoir, Le Mont St. Michel. We enjoyed your rocky mountain, salty meadows, medieval town, and benedictine Abbey. Salut!

Thanks for visiting. Thanks for coming along.

We decided to spend a day at the exchange home last week to rest and relax.

I made an impromptuQuiche from scratch for brunch. The difficulty level is upped when you consider I can not read french. No comprende (yes, I DO know that is spanish). I just have to read the packages and recipes while mustering every ounce of Latin Studies from a rarely visited crevice of my brain. Thank goodness French is a romance language. Ihave a little comprehension. Upon Brian and Beatrice’s approval I was so proud of my regional culinary dish. Bon appetite!

We sipped wine while Bplayed football. We played a little, too. It was fun – especially after a few glasses of Chardonnay.
We took breaks from the game to discover each other and the fun of doing “nothing.”
We laughed.
We smiled.
And, we pointed and played. It was a fun day!

Get ready. Get Set. We are off to the park on anafternoon stroll.

Here we go.

Past the cute houses we will go.

Through the trees we look.

Through the round about

Follow close. It feels like a hobbit is just around the bend.

Yay. We are here. Wow. What a view.

Up ladders
Down the slide
in the middle of the corrider
all smiles on the see saw
Down the baby slide we go
Now it is time for us to go.
Back through town.
Passed the shops
And, the charming houses
Beyond the window boxs

Past the sweet smell of the restaurant.

on to home we go. Thanks for strolling with us!

Feist on Sesame Street

Booking her for that 1,2,3,4 song had to be the biggest no-brainer ever.

Either I am getting REALLY old, or Sesame Street has beefed up their guest cast. I saw James Blunt on there one day.

Thanks for the info, Mostly Muppet, who I must mention is also a Grady Grad.

Lucy Locket lost her pocket,

Kitty Fisher found it;

Not a penny was there in it,

Only ribbon round it.

Dad’s lost wallet arrived in the mail last week containing everything exceptall the cash. Did I stress all? For some reason, “memory loss” makes you carry around senseless amounts of booty. The wallet round & fullof bills protrudes from his siloetteas Mount Evereststanding upon the desert. And no, a caregiver can not even get close to the heavily protected rock of money even to count it. It is protected, prized, and obsessed about. Acceptof course, when it is forgotten on a table, in a drawer,in a file cabinet, under a secret closet stash or dropped outside the pocket undetected.

Thesurprisearrival came after the car and house locks were re-keyed, after the police report was filed.

Who knows if it is a blessing, or not? I mean, nice of them to send it back without the cash ?????Maybe the thief experienced a moment of epiphany which made him put it in the mail. Or, maybe someone found it post the cash-empty and dropped it in the mail. Without a return address, we will never know. Did the person pick it out of his pocket or find it on the ground?So many questions.

All that I know, Dad, is that I love you and that I am sorry thatyour cash stash is short changed.

Super Cute Mail Box Photo By julievoegele

Multi-family Rummage Sale

When: Sat. July 5th

Where: Next to the Portal post-office, Highway 80

(formerly Midgets Daycare)

Time: 8AM

Bag sale at noon!!!

**Baby items, household, clothing, toys, outdoor, and more!!**

Southern Mamas is SO great about sharing SO great-fun-things-to do:


Looking for a little diversion from the pool?

Kids can cool off for free in the popular splash fountains @ Hull Park , the diamond-shaped green spot smack in the center of Ardsley Park. The kid-friendly fountains are in the concrete amphitheater near the baseball diamond. The only drawback is hitting the park at the right time when the fountains are on. Best bet is 10:30ish to lunchtime.

The park bisects Atlantic Ave. @ 55th Street. Theres also a playground, complete with unusual find these days, a merry-go round. But be prepared, theres not much shade other than a picnic pavilion – which makes the splash fountain much more appealing this time of year.

via Southern Mamas


“SURPRISE,” the crowd alerted Mom that she was not at a baby shower.

This smile made it all worth it.

Lilly, you have the most beautiful blue eyes.


Uncle Jim, Amanda, and Mr. Currier

The Baby Whisperer: Mackie

Brian cooks the Low Country Boil – it was SO yummy thanks to Frank and Susan’s direction

Brother Tim Frank
Peg aka The Surprise PartyInstigator aka Moms Sis
Grandmother and her GORGEOUS Cake
Table O’ Fun
Corn, anyone?

It wouldn’t be a party without Barry White!
Guests Ms Becky
Trim for Her Bottle Tree

a bad picture of the right side of the yard

Uncle Tim’s ride. Her antique desk is tucked in the trailer. I think it was her favorite surprise!

Here is the whole album:

Mom’s 60th Birthday

via Post Secret

They say that French is the language of love, so here’s my try at French Lovie. I am going to surprise the hubby with the foreign ring of my affection.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Less than a minute

Here’s How:

  1. Find the person you love.
  2. Say his or her name.
  3. Say jet’aime.
  4. The j in jeis pronounced [zh] like the g in mirage, e is pronounced like the oo in good
  5. t’aime is pronounced [tem] to rhyme with them.
  6. Optional: Follow with ‘my darling’:
    – To a woman = ma chrie, pronounced [ma shay ree].
    – To a man = mon chri, pronounced [mo(n) shay ree]. The (n) is nasal.
  7. Optional: To respond to someone who says ‘I love you,’ say Je t’aimeaussi(I love you too). Aussi is pronounced ‘oh see.’


  1. Practice a few times before you spring it on your sweetheart!

What You Need:

  • Your beloved
  • A few minutes of practice
*Photo by type oh

Beatrice LOVES strawberries. So, we decided to pick strawberries last Friday afternoon at Jacob’ Producein Rocky Ford. It was my first time going to the strawberry patch as we picked a wholebucket!It was worth the 15 mile drive to the farm.

Here is a link to the photos:

After Beatrice’s one year exam, we played in the garden. Oh, what fun. It isour favorite! In the case you are wondering, the exam went super. Standing 30 inches tall and weighing 19lbs, Dr. Perkins said she is “long and lean.” As the pediatrician commented I thought to myself, she MUST have her Daddy’s genes.

We planted Candy Tuft then wrapped it in a little blanket of pine straw. The other potis yellow pansies.I am holding on to them in hopes of one more bright bloom.

This is the first time I have bought sewn Zinnias as they are so easy to seed in the garden.But, we used them in planters for Beatrice’s Party last week. They appear to be Thumbalina’s, or minis, however the card did not indicate a special variety.

They are so tiny. Aren’t they cute?





After adding bright pink to our window boxes, the day was done.





Whew. We are tired!

The weekend was a whirlwind of fun, frolic, and chaos. Admitting that it was merry-go-good and that I loved it, I am honestly thankful that it has passed. Whew.Theperspiration has just been wiped from my brow. The circumvolution began Thursday morning as my 82 year old Grandmother arrived. From there it was flurry that included a trip tothe dairy in tornado-like weather (seriously. and did I mention the dairy was almost in Millen), a home builders meeting, an Oklahoma show, a midnight run with hubby to Walmart for party supplies, a midnight cleaning of the house, a 9 am trip to Lowe’s, B’s birthday party, my birthday, my brother-in-laws birthday, a time change, and much, much more.

The point is: it appears I have lots to blog about. And, in fact, I do. However, I am still spun-out from the whir as I dream of calm, slumber and a good nap.I promise to get back soon with pictures and such.

Until then I am recovering and getting back to life as usual.

While you are waiting on me stoll over to Daisy’s. Daisy Cottage was on tour this weekend. And, it looks so good. You will get lost in the pictures and forget I ever left you!

When you visit this site you can enter your address and a map will pop up with your house as a small icon of a house with dots.When you click on these dots a picture of a criminal will appear with his or her home address and the description of the crime he or she has committed.

The best thing is that you can show your children/grandchildren these pictures and see how close these people live to your/their home or school.

This site was developed by John Walsh from Americas Most Wanted. This is another tool we can use to help us keep our kids safe.

I am shocked as there were several criminals living with a few miles of our house including a convicted Peeping Tom. Crazy!

Well, I have been super busy lately. Life has been exhausting as Brian, Beatrice, and I recovered from last week’s flu and the virus attack. Plus, my niece Lilly (who is three days older than Beatrice) is in town so we have been visiting her each afternoon.Sure, it doesn’t sound so laborious until you toss in a KindermusikClass, red b errands, a breakfast date, a play date, and librarystory time.

Sweat is beading on my brow just telling you about it!

Any way, I have the best news EVER. My sister will be in town for my birthday. YAY. Who Ray. Whew. Hew. Yeaaaaaah, baby! I do not know what we will do, but it will be awesome just to have her in town. Whether it’s chatting on my porch or sipping on wine, the evening will be most perfect by her presence.

There’s not much better than a sister. A sister is the cherry-on-top of an already-delicious sundae. She just makes everything that much better.Ahhhh yes, and I have her for my birthday. Sweeeeeet.

*photo by tiarafoto

Happy At Home proved my thesis. There IS a difference in the local eggs and the grocery store eggs. I bought my first dozen a week or so ago from L & DFarm Fresh Produce. No hormones. No cages. No pesticides. No cruelty. And, all the while no guilty mama conscious.

Thanks for the awesome post. I can’t figure out how to trackback her post so I am reposting it.

THIS PICTURE SAYS IT ALLTo the left: Local, farm raised, free range chicken egg.

To the right: Store bought, from a cage-kept, grain eating, never-saw-the-light-of-day-much-less-grass chicken.

so cute. thank you sister for the shoes. they are so cute, so outdoorsy, so i-wanna-hop-on-the-trail-and-hike-ish. you’re awesome. thank you.

want your own baby Teva’s? go HERE.

It’s the year of the Rat in Statesboro!

Chinese Spring Festival

The new Statesboro restaurant called Southern Buffet located at 418 Northside Dr. is having a Chinese Spring Festival on Saturday, Feb. 9th from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm. They invite you to bring your children to join them in
experiencing this traditional Chinese Holiday. They will have some
games, gifts, and will write your name in Chinese and give a red
envelope to every child coming. On this special day – One child under
10 is free with two regular buffet purchases.
Happy Chinese New Year!!

MamasHaveGot ToEat!

Even Little Mamas!

Happy Wednesday

And, so do little dogs (that’s a bone Barry has under his paw).

CollegeCottage scored a new piece!

My Grandmother gave me this chair. I just love it. It came from the Tygart Housein (Nashville, Ga),which means thatmy Greats and Great-Greats used it to rock there babies with this tool.

It is a family heirloom.Promised before God and family members to love it and care for it and never sell or give it away, my vow was made.

Without the spindles of a typical rocking chair and with the heavy, dark wood it seems substantial, sturdy, and timeless. When you siton it to rock you can feel the years of love and motherhood,and the many sleepless nightswhen the chair creeks while it sways back and while it sways forward. Thoughts of years past and years forward can not help but drift through your mind, dancing,lingering and weighing like a fog. I think of the mothers before meand have visions of Beatrice someday rocking her children and her grandchildren.Wow. How profound.

I am not fond of the re-upholstery job that someone had done to it. So, I am looking for fabric to have it “re-done.” I am not good with this sort of thing. Have any suggestions?

chairb4frnt.jpgOr should I paint it? I really like how the shelves and the red & white chair are spunky and modern, yet I don’t want to damage the rockingchair. Oh, oh. Decisions. Decisions. What should I do?


I do not know much about rockers, either. Beyond knowing that it is an antique, I do not know if this is a Boston, a Salem, etc. Nor, do I have any idea how old it is. Do you? The seat has springs in it, which seems unusual. I do not know if that is original or if someone opted to make it really comfy.

The chair is my good find for the month, well the year for that matter. It makes me smile to look at it and glow to rock in it.

Yay, little rocking chair. You have found a new home. We are going to love you!

Lilly came to visit last week while Amanda and Jon went to D.C. for the weekend.Actually, they went toJon’s sisterJessica’s wedding. Four WHOLE days away from home. Lucky sister, right?

Mom and I took the girls to Free Spirit Pottery one afternoon. If you are looking for something fun and free to do in the ‘boro with small children Free Spirit is a great idea. They give babies a complimentary plaque. It is totally 100% free. You can opt for a hand print or a foot print. We were hoping for a hand print; however the girls had something else in mind. After trying the hands a few times we finally surrendered. We used their feet. Apparently, after a certain age babies like to curl their fingers.

You may think this would be a short trip. Rather, it took us between 1 -2 hours to pick out the paint colors, try the hands SEVERAL times,get the girls painted and then washed, etc. It was a fun afternoon!

Would You Like Some Paint on Your Face?

Lilly Gets Her Hand Painted. Take 1.

Pressing Lilly’s Finger on the Plaque. Take 2.

Okay. Okay, We Will Use The Foot.

Screeching in the driveway 15 minutes late, Beatrice and I abruptly and barely put-together arrived at our morning date to “bead.” As newbies to the craft we had to make a last minute run to Wal-mart in the rain to purchase beads at 9:00 a.

Even I, the not-s0-crafty mother, have to admit it was fun. My finery was less spectacular than the other three beaders, but it was fun to make. Their pieces look really, really good. But, mine is just right for me. I like it!

As I attempted to take a photo of my work, a saga unfolded. Watch and see:

She hasn’t noticed.

She sees it.

She’s coming.

I want to see that.
hmm…very interesting. I really like this Mommy.

I want it Mommy. No. Huh-huh. Bracelets are not for babies.

Why not!
Barry wants a look-see.
Nice jewels.
It’s nice and all, but I really just want my back scratched.

I take off the new jewels and the family is happy.
THEY ALL jump in my lap with excitement!

Happy Friday, Ya’ll!

Whew, we made it. And, we made it good, girls. Yay!

Balls, boys, girls, toys, laughter, smiles,merriment and jovial pleasurementsfilled our house today.Beatrice and I were hostessesfor a morning playgroup.As hostess-playgroup-newbies it was wild, crazy, chaotic, and loads of fun.

We go to a lot of play dates but usually shy at the opportunity to have people at our house.

Due to a long night from the night-weaning process (and, I do mean L-O-N-G), I opted for a culinary quickie includingdonut holes and sesame street crackers. The store-bought snacks were yummy!I didn’t even have time to get juice for the group on my morning sprint for food to serve. We had cold water. Poor kids, right? Despite the lack of home-baked-ness the donute holes & crackers were a hit.

Brian is thrilled that we hosted the amusement because the house got an all over cleaning. “Can you have these more often,” he bargained today. “I will help clean if you will have more of them,” he volunteered.

Even Barry and Sugar liked the event.”Please have another one soon,” they barked.They scavenged the living room rug for all morsels of dropped food upon the conclusion of the event. They scored a few cracker bits and pieces of donut. Our maid (ie. me) REALLY likes that!

The whole family isready to do it again, and again.

Beatrice told Elmo and Barryto be on their best behavior before her friends arrived.

Up a tree

Originally uploaded by ironmama

If you are looking for something fun to do, I stumbled upon this at Southern Mama’s.

ThisSunday: Bacon Park Forest Discovery Walk. Join the Savannah Tree Foundation program director and certified arborist Patrick Grant for a guided nature walk in the 50-acre maritime forest @ Bacon Park. Children are welcome as long as they can walk or are carried in a baby-wearer. The walk isnt stroller friendly. FREE! 1 pm Sunday. Meet @ the north side of the parking lot @ the Bacon Park tennis courts, off Skidaway Road and south of Bona Bella Drive. FREE! 912.233.8733.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have Christmas at Granny Hulsey’s?” Denny told Uncle Clisby. The comment ignited sparks in Clisby’s head as he hustled the family to rejuvenate the old farm house by extensive cleaning and a garage sale. According to Cousin Dick it wasn’t really a sale. “People were taking truckloads for $50.00. And, we were asking them to take more,” he laughed.

Granny Fordhampassed away in 2004 but the house had been abandoned for years before due to her Alzheimer’s. Making Denny’s wish come true required a lot of love, a lot of time, and a lot of effort.

It was special to share my husband’s family Christmas at the old house, full of nostalgia, laughter, and life. Sitting there, I could only imagine the Christmas’ of years past. I could see Granny Hulsey smiling as I could feel the warmth of her spirit wrapped around each person there.

Theaged drapes,tired carpet,and doddering furniture seemed to glow despite the years of neglect.

Upon all the children opening their gifts from under the small, runty,teensytree unearthed from storage, there were two equal-sized, wrapped gift boxes.

“Denny…Brian” someone called, “these are for you.” Bullets of sweat began to bead on my husband’s forehead. He prepared for the embarressmenthe anticipated.”I feel a practical joke hovering,” Brian whispered. Handed the gifts at the same time, they opened the boxes simultaneously.

Denny Brian

The lifted top exposed a clear plastic bag with a blanket of brown and mustard crotchet. A little piece of paper was on top. The boys opened the paper that said:

Dear Brian,Dear Denny:

I crocheted this afgan and pillow as a gift for your wedding. Wishing you the best life ever.

Much love, Granny Jane

Brian’s voice quivered as he read the note aloud.Without a dry eye in the room, you could not help but feel the presence and the love of Granny Jane. She was there, hugging everyone, loving everyone, and shining on everyone.

“Merry Christmas,” she whispered.

Without her voice-lessprompting &without her gentle touching,Denny would have never suggested the locale. While Clisby and family wouldn’t have cheerfully decorated the place, and the gifts would have remained hidden and concealed (possibly destroyed by varments).

Granny Jane just works that way.

Even after her life on earth she is STILL full of surprises and acts of kindness.

Jessica & Trey The Christmas Tree
My Baby My Baby


Becky & Kelly
Clisby’s Scaring the Children, Again


*Photography compliments of Traci Fordham

Remember the beautifulHGTV 2008 Dream Home that I told you about?

The first floor of the house has a garage with a sports closet – because youre definitely want to get in the fishing action in the Well girls, I have been dreamin’ of a new vacation spot since I posted the link. A pool, a cabana boy, a Yukon to drive while on vacation, a tan to cover my motherhood-whitehood, and a lot of fishing, swimming, and margarrrrritas. Ahhhh, yeah.

The clear water and fine sand ofthe Florida Keysbeat the Georgia Coast any day!

But, I am wondering…would it be a tax nightmare? I am not an accountant but consider myselfpretty-okay with numbers. I don’t want to be a party pooper but it is simply not adding up to me.

Case in point: apparently Don Cruz of Illinois was the last winner. Winning the Dream home seemed to be the answer to his family’s financial problems, and it was if they considered it a gift of money after taxes and not an actual home.

Remember, I am looking for a new beach house. But, I guess, I could look at it like a lottery. The money would be fine (a-okay with me). But, did you know that the Cruz’s did not even even win the land with the home! The land is owned by the city of Tyler, Texas.

I think, winning the Dream Home is more like winning the lottery than an actual home asthe televised building is more a promotion than a home give away. Is that what you are gathering?

TheCruz’s booty, the $1.5 millionDream Home, included $600,000 federal and $30,000 in property taxes. Nice work, Cruz’s.Who wants to win that? More,they won other gifts they had to pay taxes on, too and they had to pay for the upkeep of the house ie. electricity, landscaping, etc.The house they won in 2005was up for auction, yesterday, January 8, 2008. No, I am not kidding.

“WORRY DOLL LEGEND – There is a legend amongst the Highland Indian villages of Guatemala: “If you have a problem, then share it with a worry doll. Before going to bed, tell one worry to each doll, then place them beneath your pillow. Whilst you sleep, the dolls will take your worries away!”

Maybe I should get the Cruz’s a full set of Worry Dolls. I’ll order a dozen and a half of those please!

According to Michael Emilio, no Dream Home winner has EVER lived in their prize! And, Emily Yarborough, the HGTV spokeswoman even admits it, We maintain that the Dream Home sweepstakes is just about living your dream” not necessarily living in THEIR dream home.

Hmm…I am rethinking my dream of the Dream Home.Maybe I am glad I haven’t had a chance to enter yet. Maybe I am happy to NOT have a dream house in the keys.

On second thought, I’ll take my chances. I will keep dreaming!

More Reading: The House that Swallowed Don & Shelly Cruz, The Auction
To enter:

*Worry Doll Photo by distinguish

Too cool for school – B givesa High Five!

The baby sign “thing” is going really well. Admittedly, I abandoned the idea after several months of signing with no response from Beatrice. Out of the blue, she can sign “more anddog.” And, she can give us high fives, which Dad thinks is especially cool! Signing isso much fun!

So – a big think you to Caroline, Melanie, and Lea for encouraging me to check out the Baby Signs Program!

Click here for the Baby Signs Complete Starter kit, here.

I love to flip the dog bowls over and grab the kitchen towels. Oh, what fun!

Remember what I told you about the dog bowls and the kitchen towels?

A last minute whim wrangled with us and won.Beatrice and I raced over to the Statesboro Regional Libraryto catch the Christmas Puppet Show!Theinteractive showlasted about 15 minutes, which was perfect for the crowd. The amused audience ranged from 6 month old babies to 12 year olds. I saw Mothers, Dads and Grandparents.

Beatrice pointed and laughed as we walked in the door. Her laughter and smile made the effort of the quick trip and the post-ponement of dinner worth every second. In addition to the stellar puppetry, the library gave each child a book. Wasn’t that nice?

There is another show on Wednesday, December 12, 2007 from 10:30 – 11 a. You should go. It’sa handout of fun and whimsy. The merriment is gratis. You can’t beat that!


Here’s the Statesboro Regional Library’s Events for the week.I am trying to take advantage of our local library. For a complete list, click here.

December 2007
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9 Dec 10 11 12 13 14 15

3:00p -4:00p WWII Veterans Christmas Party: Swainsboro

9:00a -10:00a ESL Class: Statesboro
10:00a -11:00a Christmas Story Hour: Swainsboro
10:00a -8:00p Book Sale: Statesboro
10:00a -11:00a RIF Distribution: Claxton

9:00a -10:00a ESL Class: Statesboro
12:00p -8:00p Book Sale: Statesboro
6:00p -7:00p Christmas Puppet Show and Craft Time: Statesboro

10:00a 11:00a Christmas Story Hour: Swainsboro
10:00a -11:00a Story Time for Tots: Metter
10:00a -11:00a Story Time for Tots: Claxton
10:30a -11:00a Christmas Puppet Show: Statesboro
12:00p -8:00p Book Sale: Statesboro
2:00p -3:00p RIF Distribution: Claxton

10:00a 11:00a Christmas Story Hour: Swainsboro
10:00a -8:00p Book Sale: Statesboro
10:00a -11:00a RIF Distribution: Claxton
4:00p -5:00p Soap Making Class: Swainsboro

10:00a 11:00a Christmas Story Hour: Swainsboro

program for January 2008. This is a program which will celebrate the
enduring contribution one book can have.

Recylce. Reuse. Regift. Rejoice. It’s early Christmas at the Hulseys!

Our friends down the street, who I actually met on Freecycle, I just love Freecyle -the weird things is it is the only time I have responded to a Freecycle advertisement – Anyway, I met a wonderful family through that ad. Plus, I scored a few cool books, like the Dr. Sears Guide to Parenting that I stillhave on my night stand (and in my store). Anyway, it seems I have diverted from the original intention of the post and the sentence structure is awry. Anyway…

This friend gave us all of her old curios. We picked them up on Saturday. It was like Christmas around here! I mean, she didn’t just give us a fewtoys she gave us a trunk load of novelties. From the shopping cart, to the box of Legos, to the Leap Frog toys, to the singing Elmo, to the awesome books, to well, all of the stuff, Beatrice has been playing non-stop for two days now. I have to say THANK YOU in the biggest way. And, to think we saved these from thelandfillmakes us feel even better. The Operation Christmas Eco-Challenge IS going well! I didn’t even realize that I needed these things until I realized how content Beatrice is post the new additions to our bauble basket.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

As you know I am trying to learn as much about blogging as I possibly can, in attempt to learn how to create slide shows I made one to describe our experience. Here it is. It is a fun, fast moving little slide-show. Click on it and enjoy Christmas — a little early!

*Want to see my other Christmas Blogs? Click here. Or, other Operation Eco-Christmas Challenge here.

All Bundled Up

We strolled downtown (literally) for the Christmas Celebration. It was so awesome! We have been for the last few years. This year’s event was by FAR the best ever. Here are a few pictures:

Brian, B in Santa's SleighBrian & B on Santa’s Sleigh

B & Candy CaneSanta gave her a candy cane!Beatrice and Mr. & Mrs. Claus 2007Picture with the Claus’

Look at the Chili Cook off Sign. It is so great. I love it! The Chili Cook off was really a success this year — especially compared to the event last year.

And the winner of the BEST RESTAURANT CHILI IS (drum roll please) THE FRENCH QUARTER CAFE. Do it boys. Way to keep it in the family!

They even had a trolley to take festival-goers to Savannah Avenue for the Tour of homes. We cheated. Werode it home!

Mom and B on the trollyB & Mommy on the Trolley ride home

*To see my earlier post on the Celebration, click here.

We went for flu boosters today. Beatrice has become very friendly. She was practically jumping out of the pouch to socialize with the patients.

The lady next to me asked if I would let her sit with her son. “Sure,” I said with hesitation. I wish I were not so reserved.The dubiety was unwarranted because Beatrice loved every minute of it. She talked to him, reached for his ears, waved her arms and legs,and a laughed and smiled. Three of the women behind the desk came to the window tocheck out the commotion. It was hilarious!

Here, look for yourself:

b 9 mo drb 9 mo drB9 mo drb 9 mo dr

The poor boy was overwhelmed. He did not let out a peep. He barely flinched. I think she took him by surprise.

Oh, did I mention he had red hair?

9 Months to the Day Eating a Sock

While I am here I have to tell you that it’s her 9 month birthday.
Yay! We come a long way baby!

So while I am having a Georgia Bulldog, I mean, BullDAWG posting frenzy(post 1, post 2), I get this picture from the other cousin. You know I have to post it.

The family loves the dawgs. We love them in the fall, in the spring, on holidays, and part of the family already have rooms rented for the bowl.Theybooked the rooms before they even knew which bowl!

My husband’s white American Bulldog is named “Sugar” because she was born on a year the dawgs went to the Sugar Bowl.”Lucky lady,” he thought when he graced her with the name.

Uncle Marion was even quoted in the AJCfor being a huge dawg follower. Now, that’s a big fan because the Atlanta Journal Constitutionis connected to a LOT of dawg fans. But, they picked Uncle Marion from right here in Statesboro.

The family has the fever and the 50 yard line tickets to prove it!

Back to the picture. Do they look super cute or what? Ut-Um, I believe they got this photo over at Larita& Company.

If you read my blog regularly, you may be beginning to wonder “is she related to everybody in Statesboro?” The answer is they are all my husband’s cousins. If I weren’t married to him, I would only be related to two other people in this town: my mother and my father.

Mandy, Wes, and Abby — Ya’ll look so dawggone good. I will claim you every day of the week!

Goooooooooooo Dawgs. And, Merry Christmas to you, too!

The eagle has landed. My camera is back in my paws. Yahoo! First things first. Boo wants a picture of my Christmas tree. She said that I can’t post an article about How to Decorate Your Tree Like a Designeror post that my Christmas tree is up, then not post a picture of my own tree. So, here it is, Boo.Christmas Tree 2007My camera’s back. Mama’s snappin’. And, no it doesn’t look like a designer tree. In fact, we don’t even have all the ornaments on it yet. Nor do we have a tree topper. None the less it was fun to decorate.

Now our house feels christmas-sy. I wish we could keep it up all year!

P.S. Look closely, you can barely see Barry in the left hand corner of the photo. Good ol’ Sandy Paws!

Here’s a few pictures of my pine cone tree…just for fun. I made it at Mom’s Night Out last week.

Pine Cone Christmas tree Pine cone Christmas Tree side view


Our Christmas Tree is up!

It’s been a hustle bustle at the Hulsey House today. We re-arranged the furniture. I mean like, we moved the den in the office and the office into the den -lots of lifting.And, we put up the Christmas decorations including the tree, pine cone mini tree, stockings, andfront door wreath. Our efforts began with gusto, yet we were exhausted by the afternoon’s conclusion. We were so tired we didn’t even put all the ornaments on the tree. It was a lot of work to put all those limbs on the pole!

Brian wanted all white lights as that is what wehung. However, I secretly wanted to use our colored lights. I have bundles of the old-school, bulky, bulb-like strands that have blue, red, and green lights. He thinks those are cheesy. You know the style that I am talkingabout. They remind me of the lights on myGrandmother’s tree as a child.They are so old fashioned and so cute. I love them even though he thinks they are tacky.

In all the moving, I have misplaced my camera. So, I can’t show you any pictures. Keep your fingers crossed that I find it soon.

For dinner tonight, I found a roast in the freezer and a recipe online. So, here goes! I will let you know how it turns out. I added a can of beef broth, garliccloves, and French Onion Soupto the recipe.

FYI: Beef Roastit puts a relatively inexpensive cut of meat on the table, tender and tasty, with very little preparation or cooking attention.

Easy Roast Beef Ingredients

4 pound chuck or shoulder beef roast, garlic powder to taste (optional)
3/4 cup flour (more or less) mixed with salt to taste pepper to taste 4patties butter
i packet of dried French Onion soup potatoes
1 can beef broth

Insructions for Easy Roast Beef

Dredge a 4 pound chuck or shoulder beef roast with a mixture of flour, salt, pepper and garlic salt. Place 3 or 4 patties of butter in bottom of roaster pan. Put meat in pan and put 3 or 4 patties of butter on top of meat. Pour broth over meat. Empty Soup Packet on top of roast. Add potatoes. Bake at 350 F for one hour, uncovered. Add 1 cup of water, cover and bake for 2 more hours at 250 F.


Brian and I love to travel all year round, not just during the holidays. More, we love to visit with friends and family while traveling. It’s always more fun to stay with loved onesvs. a hotel. If you are one of them you already know this! We will divert our trip for miles just to visit, tochum with relatives and comrads. Most recently we stayed with Mason, Chrissy and Trey in Atlanta a few weeks ago while Brian took his electrical test even though itadded about an hourdrive time and extra gas.This isn’t a practice motivated by frugality. We aren’t total cheapskates. But, we do love to visit. I miss my friends and my family. It is so great to see them. It’s the best way to learn local lore and culture, to get the best insight on attractions, and to foster relationships.

As I consider this alternative to traditional travel, I am realizing that it is more eco-friendly than staying at a hotel. There’s no extra ac/heat used, no little bars of soap and shampoo andno paper for receipts. While we travel we attempt to be good guests as we hope that our accommodate-ers enjoy our stay as much as we do.

Tis the season for travel, family, friends, hostessing, and hosting. I encourage you to forgo the commercial inns to absorb the warmth of those that you love.

Here are a few of my tips for being a good house guest. Is there any thing that you do special when you stay at someones house? Let me know. Leave me a comment. I love fresh ideas,

Here are a few things I like to do when invited to stay overnight at someone’s home:

  • Bring a bread-and-butter gift. This is a token gift to thank your hosts. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, just thoughtful. Something to eat is always appropriate. I like to bring representations of our geographic area like Vidalia Onions, for instance. We took Chrissy and Mason two bottles of wine from our local vineyard, Meinhardt Vinyard.
    I know that Hopuliket Red can ONLY be found in Statesboro. It is a gift unique to our hometown!
  • Help prepare at least one of the meals during your stay. This can be an alternative to taking everyone out to eat at a restaurant, especially with busy schedules. A breakfast casserole is always easy, coupled with fresh fruit and a bread. When GG recently visited us she brought a recipe with all of the ingredients. It was nice to know that it was one less meal that I had to plan and prepare for. Plus, it introduced us to a new dish. You can see the details on my earlier post, here.
  • Plan lunch away from your hosts. This gives them a break from meal preparation, time to run needed errands, and a chance to have some time alone.
  • Bring your own snacks, so that you won’t have to raid your host’s pantry. It’s not nice to eat them out of house and home.
  • Offer to help with any outstanding projects around the home (at your host’s mention). Sometimes it takes a second person for moral support. My Aunt Peg always helps us finish our crafty projects. I look forward to her visits because I know that we will get things done!
  • Help with daily chores. For example, at I emptied Chrissy’s dishwasher and helped wash the dishes. And, when GG recently visited us she helped me clean my bathroom from top to bottem. It was really nice.
  • Make up the bed, strip the sheets, or launder them–depending on your hostess. Hostesses always insist, “Oh, no, you didn’t have to do that!” but isn’t it so nice if you do? I know I always collapse after guests leave!
  • Write a thank-you note upon leaving. Be specific about your trip. Include a photo, if possible.
  • Do all of the above if you are staying with friends. Do them twice as well if you are staying with family.

Note: It does not cost a lot to be a considerate guest. It’s fun and it’s easy. So, be one. Your friends and family will look forward to your stay!

*Photo Compliments of kenny42952on flickr

“We do not inherit the Earthfrom our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children.”
– Ancient Lakota Proverb

I am so digging this. It’s Naughty by Nature…family style.

Traci sent me these pictures earlier this week as I have not had the time to post them until now. Beatrice was SO tiny. I can hardly believe it. She looks so different now! The photos are from a wedding shower for Megan and their wedding. I guess, Beatrice was only a few weeks old at the shower and around six weeks at the wedding. Here are the pics:

Kelly and I. I look so “puffy.” I think this is where Kelly caught the fever.

b and anny 3Anny & B. b and anny 2 with aunt linda Aunt Linda helps Anny. B and anny Fussy Baby. Anny’s going to be a good mother one day. She’s smiling despite B’s protest.

yawning bBrian’s Mom with Baby B-So-Sleepy.

sleeping bkissing b

TraciTraci the family photographer. Is she gorgeous, or what?