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 mixed up a bunch of ingredients like this


Beatrice could hardly contain her excitement. “Mama, what kind of party do you think Papa is going to have? Are all his Fah-Wends coming,” she curiously asked. She suspects he is having a “spider man” or a “prinnn cesss” one.


She loved every minute. Including recipe hunting, grocery shopping, , baking, cooling, icing it took all day. It was GREAT …even when the red food dye spilled on my shorts and all over the counter *sigh* *smile*.


Whitaker was not interested in baking. He was, however, very interested in entertaining us with the sounds and races of his trucks, motocycles and cars.


Nothing glamorous. Made with a whole lot of time and love, though.

I hope Brian isn’t offended that we made him a red velvet cake for his birthday.

Happy birthday, Red. We love you to the MOON!

Okay, I found another commercial that I like. It’s hilarious.  Maybe I am watching more television than I have been disclosing.  The ad I am referring to is the Free Credit Report Dot Com Pirate Commercial.  Doesn’t it make you laugh?

Apparently:  Because of Identity theft, a man is forced to work in fish food restaurant and where a pirate suit. He and fellow scallywags sing about it.

They say a man should always dress for the job he wants
so why am I dressed up like a pirate in this restaurant.
It’s all because some hacker stole my identity.
Now I’m in here every evening serving chowder and iced tea.
Should have gone to (yeehaa!)
I could have seen this coming at me like an atom bomb.
They monitor your credit and send you email alerts.
So you don’t end up selling fish to tourists in t-shirts.

Here’s the real site to get your report:

The singer in the commercial is Eric Violette. It is not a real band, rather he is a comedien.  Correct me if I am wrong, but I think he has done all the Free Credit Report Dot Com Commercials:  NEW CAR, and my favorite, DREAM GIRL.

Here are my other posts about commercials:

I am really getting into cooking for B’s Halloween Party’s.  It’s creative and fun.  It makes me laugh to fill up hungry tummies with compounds like Mummy Dogs.  There are so many ingredient lists that are smile-producing finger foods perfect for parties.  I chose this one  because it has the same ingredients as my Snake Recipe (from earlier post).  So, I didn’t have to buy anything new, figure out any tricky techniques, could use the olives from the snake leftovers, and I already had out the pans.  Refrigerated breadstick dough makes this crowd-pleaser a cinch to make — just like the snakes.  For eyes, press capers into the dough before baking or you can use olives.  It’s too bad B can’t eat yet. I know she would like these creepy wraps.

mummy dogs detail


  • 1  11-oz. package refrigerated bread sticks (12 bread sticks)
  • 12  hotdogs
  •   Ketchup and mustard
  •   Capers (or sliced black olives)


1.Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Unwrap bread. Stretch each bread stick to 12 inches. Wrap dough around frankfurters, letting the frankfurters show slightly through the bread. Press in capers for eyes. Bake in preheated oven for about 12 minutes or until bread is golden brown. Serve with Ketchup and mustard. Makes 12 snacks.

**P.S. The supermarket did not have any bread-sticks.  I rolled out croissant dough, which worked just fine.

Have fun. Enjoy!


Cat obento

Obento!  I know, it sounds like a party, fiesta, all night long.  Go Lionel Richie, go.  Maybe I am just getting carried away.  It does, kind of, sound like that instrument they play at the symphony.  Deep. Loud.  You know, the Obento.  No, no that is not it. Anyway, Obento is a super cool craft of Japanese mothers.  They spend hours making creative lunchs for their children each week.  The creations are Obento.  Obento can be animals, cartoon characters, toys, well, Obento can be anything that will make the food appealing to choosy children.  The teachers judge each of the boxes every day according to rules of the craft such as it must be hand made, tantalizing and appealing to kids.  Wow. I am so impressed with Japenese mothers.  This Southern mama can not imagine finding an extra hour a day to create, implement and execute creative lunch box strategies to swindle my child to eat her veggies.

Look out B, here come your brocolli!

Soccer obento