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Handy Dandy Easter Egg Candy!

via Beach Bungalow 8

You Are a Cappuccino

You’re fun, outgoing, and you love to try anything new.

However, you tend to have strong opinions on what you like.

You are a total girly girly at heart – and prefer your coffee with good conversation.

You’re the type that seems complex to outsiders, but in reality, you are easy to please

Wow. What does this do for you?  Beach Bungalow 8, my new favorite blog, posted it. I just can’t help but share it with you.  The bed is big, majestic and dramatic.  And, the bright, funky, modern textle really brings fun to the piece.  Oh, it screams Brian’s name. For that matter it screams MINE! 

You want to catch the next plane out?  I sure do. This brings a connotation of resort, relaxation and cabana boys bearing beverages.  Yummy. 

Get your serving arms ready boys, we’re coming!

To see Beach Bungalow 8’s post, click here. Her blog is so much fun, right down to the music. I am SO adding it to my blog roll.

The following web address will take you to a questionaire to see who you would vote for as president of the US.  Surprisingly enough, according to this questionaire I would vote exactly “the way I thought I would.”

It would be interesting to see how many of us confirmed what we thought vs. how many are startled by the results.

Anyway, have fun.   Who knows, it may even help you decide.


Whew, we made it. And, we made it good, girls. Yay!

Balls, boys, girls, toys, laughter, smiles, merriment and jovial pleasurements filled our house today.   Beatrice and I were hostesses for a morning playgroup.   As hostess-playgroup-newbies it was wild, crazy, chaotic, and loads of fun. 

We go to a lot of play dates but usually shy at the opportunity to have people at our house. 

Due to a long night from the night-weaning process (and, I do mean L-O-N-G), I opted for a culinary quickie including donut holes and sesame street crackers. The store-bought snacks were yummy! I didn’t even have time to get juice for the group on my morning sprint for food to serve.  We had cold water. Poor kids, right?  Despite the lack of home-baked-ness the donute holes & crackers were a hit. 

Brian is thrilled that we hosted the amusement because the house got an all over cleaning.  “Can you have these more often,” he bargained today.  “I will help clean if you will have more of them,” he volunteered.

Even Barry and Sugar liked the event.  ”Please have another one soon,” they barked.   They scavenged the living room rug for all morsels of dropped food upon the conclusion of the event.  They scored a few cracker bits and pieces of donut.  Our maid (ie. me) REALLY likes that!

The whole family is ready to do it again, and again.

  Beatrice told Elmo and Barry to be on their best behavior before her friends arrived.

I have several relatives that are on the cusp of giving birth.  I mean, literally days of their due dates. Kelly. Ut-um, Stephanie.  Yew-hew, laaaadies.  And, Lea, Lauren, Avery, and April, you may want to read-on, too.  I found this fun information at .  I can not help but think of you all. 

Needless to say, this article is being reposted here.  P.S. I have eaten at Toucan’s about three times. It’s scrump-dilly-icous.  If you need a date, I am happy to go with you. And, I will even drive you down River Street afterward! 

Here you go girls: 

Wanna give birth before Christmas?

December 19th, 2007

toucansign.jpgOr maybe you’re hoping yours will be a New Year’s Baby?Here’s an unofficial labor-inducing Savannah secret: a beloved local restaurant serves a special entree that’s rumored to induce labor. That’s right. The Thai shrimp(or chicken)and eggplant at The Toucan Cafe, a SouthernMamas favorite, is the special to order before going in for the pitocin.In the 13 years the restaurant’s been open, several customers have said they went into the labor the day after eating the meal, says owner Steve Magulias. The magic meal isn’t on the regular lunch or dinner menu, so just call in advance to order it before coming into the restaurant @ 531 Stephenson Ave. on Savannah’s southside. 912.352.2233

Of course, if the magic Toucan meal doesn’t do the job, we’ve been told taking a ride on the cobblestones on River Street works pretty well, too.

Got any other tips for expectant moms who are tired of being pregnant and want the baby to come now? Please share.

Recylce. Reuse. Regift. Rejoice.  It’s early Christmas at the Hulseys!

Our friends down the street, who I actually met on Freecycle,  I just love  Freecyle - the weird things is it is the only time I have responded to a Freecycle advertisement – Anyway, I met a wonderful family through that ad.  Plus, I scored a few cool books, like the Dr. Sears Guide to Parenting that I still have on my night stand (and in my store).  Anyway, it seems I have diverted from the original intention of the post and the sentence structure is awry. Anyway… 

This friend gave us all of her old curios.  We picked them up on Saturday. It was like Christmas around here!  I mean, she didn’t just give us a few toys she gave us a trunk load of novelties.  From the shopping cart, to the box of Legos, to the Leap Frog toys, to the singing Elmo, to the awesome books, to well, all of the stuff, Beatrice has been playing non-stop for two days now.  I have to say THANK YOU in the biggest way.  And, to think we saved these from the landfill makes us feel even better.  The Operation Christmas Eco-Challenge IS going well!  I didn’t even realize that I needed these things until I realized how content Beatrice is post the new additions to our bauble basket. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

As you know I am trying to learn as much about blogging as I possibly can, in attempt to learn how to create slide shows I made one to describe our experience.  Here it is.  It is a fun, fast moving little slide-show. Click on it and enjoy Christmas — a little early!

*Want to see my other Christmas Blogs?  Click here. Or, other Operation Eco-Christmas Challenge here.

Okay, I admit it. I got REALLY into the diaper cake. I over spent time and money.  However, in personal defense it was really fun. 

I dug through the craft boxes of my attic and browsed and bought things in Wal-mart.  I really wanted to do something pink but the ribbon selection was scarce of coordinating hues of pink.  Strangely, I couldn’t find any stuffed animals, either.  I shopped in the infant and the toy sections.  Finally, I decided to be resourceful by using a sunny theme including orange and yellow colors. Let me know what you think.  

Here’s where we started: Diaper Cake Stage 1 

I added toys:A toy on the Diaper Cake Close up of Diaper Cake

And, mini baby items like baby powder and baby shampoo: Mini-Powder on the Diaper Cake

I laced the cake with tiny yellow flowers to fill in the “blank” spots until I finished. And, I topped the cake with three Sunflowers placed at varying lengths. I tied a small bow around one of the flowers.  

 DSCN0414 DSCN0419

To add contrast and interest I used ribbon of different widths, textures, and styles Full Length of Diaper Cakeincluding polka dots, plaid, shiny. gross-grain, wired, and paper. I think it turned out well although I am not 100% thrilled with it.  Next time I will use clear rubber bands. The black rubber bands were difficult to camouflage.  And, I will not build the tiers out so far.  I probably should have had one less layer of diapers to distinguish the tiers better.  One final tweak: I would use a larger cookie sheet.

Overall the project was fun.  It gave me an excuse to get out of the house alone as Brian kept Beatrice while I gathered supplies.  It was a nice diversion from my house work, too.  And, I feel good that I am able to give Kelly something that is handmade, useful, and practical.  Plus, we will have a great center piece for the baby shower.  Even though it could use a little improvement, I think we can add it to the list of “cream of the crop” photos of my earlier post. Don’t you?

Oh, what fun making a diaper cake is!

For my directions on How to Make a Diaper Cake click, here.

I am really getting into cooking for B’s Halloween Party’s.  It’s creative and fun.  It makes me laugh to fill up hungry tummies with compounds like Mummy Dogs.  There are so many ingredient lists that are smile-producing finger foods perfect for parties.  I chose this one  because it has the same ingredients as my Snake Recipe (from earlier post).  So, I didn’t have to buy anything new, figure out any tricky techniques, could use the olives from the snake leftovers, and I already had out the pans.  Refrigerated breadstick dough makes this crowd-pleaser a cinch to make — just like the snakes.  For eyes, press capers into the dough before baking or you can use olives.  It’s too bad B can’t eat yet. I know she would like these creepy wraps.

mummy dogs detail


  • 1  11-oz. package refrigerated bread sticks (12 bread sticks)
  • 12  hotdogs
  •   Ketchup and mustard
  •   Capers (or sliced black olives)


1.Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Unwrap bread. Stretch each bread stick to 12 inches. Wrap dough around frankfurters, letting the frankfurters show slightly through the bread. Press in capers for eyes. Bake in preheated oven for about 12 minutes or until bread is golden brown. Serve with Ketchup and mustard. Makes 12 snacks.

**P.S. The supermarket did not have any bread-sticks.  I rolled out croissant dough, which worked just fine.

Have fun. Enjoy!


It was down an old, dirt, winding road that we drove to the party.  The site was PERFECT for the event.  There were horses, cats, a bulldog named Flower, and a yard full of costumed children and happy Moms.  The children were so cute!  Discarding her afternoon nap, Beatrice was surprisingly well mannered. She was very content to sit in my arms and watch all the dinosaurs, princess’, pirates, cowboys and skunks play.  By the end of the event she was asleep in my arms.  Every time I turned around there was another cute costume.  With Spiderman looming, an airplane zooming around, a flower sprouting, and several cheerleaders it felt as if were cast into a cartoon episode. 

Oh, I forgot the fun part:  B received a medal!  Beatrice got the Softest Costume Award.  Go Baby B!
I created a slideshow. I regret that I did not get more photos to include everyone there.  It is my very first slide show. Please bear with my expertise level. Enjoy!