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 Beauty is fleeting. And, so is life.

I’ve always known that great things sit atop cake stands… but this arrangement I did with my family for Pottery Barn, captured by the crazy talented Diana Daley Photographers is an absolute perfect display of whimsical, laid back sophistication. I mean, seriously have you ever seen baby blueberries, fresh cut maple leaves and a dried longleaf hydrangea look so beautiful before?

Being with your favorite women (with strong ideas and creative energies) surrounded by a gorgeous garden all makes for a day of beauty and one really interesting arrangement!  :) And you can see the whole project with my Mom, Grandmother and cousin if you click right here.

My favorite colors for spring are interesting including a variety of natural yellows,whites, corals, and deep greens. From buds to blooms to crumpling leaves in decay I incorporate all stages of life for a loose, organic, lush, natural and wild look.

What flowers should you use? Whatever makes you smile! I love expressive flowers like peonies, ranunculus and sweet peas, and rich roses alongside local, seasonal varieties. I am fond of flowers I’ve grown, or someone I know has grown – like from my Grandmother’s garden.

Nature has the best flowers. Whether foraging yourself or visiting others that do, local growers passionate about growing beautiful flowers are everywhere. Farmer’s Markets & independent garden stores are the best resource for local flowers. I love to visit mine. However, snipping greenery from pretty plants, yard trees, and bushes on your walk home is just perfect. Urban foraging is a great way to add loose, organic movement to your arrangement.

For a wild, lyrical look I recommend asymmetrical design verses geometric styles. If you look at your design and you love it then trust yourself. You’ve got it!

My grandmother, Margie Tygart, is the 87 year old in the pics. She’s a flower expert. In fact,there is a statue in her town center in honor of her natural flower arrangements called The Butterfly Girl. The video link is below. Margie says, “don’t be afraid to cut your flowers at different heights—having depth and variation will give your arrangement an airy and natural feel.”

While vases are classic vessels, I favor unusual pieces with large openings. A cake stand is perfect! A wider opening means more flowers. Plus, it allows them to fall naturally and encourages more movement.

A cake stand flower arrangement is fabulous for showers, events, rehearsal dinners and wedding because the base can be kept for years to come. It’s so meaningful and resourceful. It’s gorgeous!

It’s really all about creating a beautiful little platter, a pretty story atop the charger of your life.The heights & textures of your greatest dreams, and all the things that have make you – you make the most beautiful vignette. Everything you need can be found within you and around you.

You’ll be amazed at what you are capable of creating.

I’d love to see your story exactly as you arrange it atop your Pottery Barn cake stand.

Show me. Good luck and merry flower making!

Cake Stand: Pottery Barn

Venue: Garden of the Coastal Plain

Photography: Diana Daley Photography

Floral Design: Colonial House of Flowers

Stylist: Lauren Weems, Camp Makery

Supplies: Syndicate Sales

Flowers: Statesboro Farmer’s MarketCalifornia Flowers

Inspiration: Slow Flowers by Debra Prinzing

Handy Dandy Easter Egg Candy!

via island profilin

I have been seeing a lot of fanfare on Facebook for a Berrien County website. I finally had an opportunityto visit. Low and behold, itis a well organized site with a wealth of information. Far more than I expected, I even found a picture of my Granddaddy Griner. My Father’s Father was named Byrd Griner.

Finds like this make me love the internet, social media, and web sites. I do not even have this picture in my house. So great. So awesome. I love it!

Today I love: Social Media. Thanks for hooking me up with a photo like this. My heart is smiling.

Honorable Byrd Griner
Judge, Court of Ordinary, Probate Court
Served from 1937 through 1968

Holly has organized a team for the Alzheimer’s Association’s 2009 Statesboro Memory Walk in honor of Dad. I am so thankful that she did this again this year. It is such a committment of time, effort and love. I am humbled by her friendship and efforts. Thank you so much, Holly!!!

I can’t help but be just a littledown as the anniversary of his death encroaches. I miss him so MUCH.Yet, it is nice to channel the energy into a positive effort to find a cure for a disease that runs in my family and in Brian’s. It makes me feel a wee bit triumphant against the disease that took Dad from us so early.

Admittedly, I am the world’s worst fundraiser. I will need your thoughts, creativity, support, advice and love to finish thetask of being a member of this team. I am attempting to log my efforts toward the team on this blog for the next eighteen days. The walk is on October 24th.

To initiate my committment to walking, I (FINALLY) completed my page on the team’s website. Personalizing the page with a photo anda cut/paste of a PSA from last spring, I am ready to begin collection money via the website. You can see the page, here.

mm…what do you think?Upon review. I think the page is a little too dreary while the copy is too long. I am going to try to revamp it to make it more cheerful and bright. I believe that Dad would honestly want us to me happy. I think he would want my energy to be focused on celebrating his life and his transition into the afterlife.

**The photo is of Holly and Beatrice at last year’s walk. : )

Beatrice debuted her dancing skills before her parents last week. It was the first time we have seen her in class. It was so much fun. We were really impressed. Mom kept Whitaker so that we could fully enjoy the performance. Brian and I both smiled the entire hour. It was so funny.

These were impromptu. Brian recorded from his phone so ignore the clarity. I hope you enjoy them!!!

Mom, Amanda, Whitaker, Amanda’s friend Kimand I met in Savannah for Amanda’s Birthday. We ate a late lunchjust off of Troupe Square at the Firefly Cafe, which we topped off with a treat from Leopold’s Ice Cream. It was all superfabulous.

Ordering the Mediterranean Tofu sandwhich with a house salad and the Firefly’s famous corn chowder (firefly style, which means the soup has cheese and sourcream!!!), wasa very scrumptious decision.I love this little restaurant so I was happy when Amanda’s chose it as our destination. Woot-Wew for the Firefly Cafe. I was even more elated when she suggested we go for desert at Leopold’s. I have alway’s wanted to taste the treats at Leopold’s. The ice cream float I ordered was just as delicious as I can imagine. I dreamt the famous parlor was more luxurious, complicated, and artsy asI was surprised by it’s simplicity.

It rained a brilliant storm while we were there.

I missed Dad a little on this day.

Happy 29th Birthday, little sister. I love you!

*Photo by Kim Dixon (and yes, this is the same Kimthat was with us. she took this creative picture while we were there!)

We went to Beatrice’s Open House at First Baptist Church. Melissa took this picture of us. I am not really into photos that include me right now; but, I was conned into this one because of the hustle and bustle around us. I didn’t really have a choice.

I can’t believe Beatrice is 2 1/2! This is exactly the age that I started The Little School preschool, which was in the building right behind Snooky’s. I am a March baby, too. We moved to Statesboro so Mom could start teaching that Fall. Wow. It’s hard to believe that I am thirty four with two children and a husband.

Back to the photo and the evening: Beatrice was totally at ease. She ran over to the kitchen set to start cooking on the stove. Then, she served the food to her friends while they sat at the table.

Everything seems so full-circle.

originally uploaded by Yvette Inufiovia beach bungalow8

I don’t know where you are going this weekend; or, where you have been this week. Maybe you are going to something fun like this. I wish we were. Anyway, I hope you have a super Mother’s Day and a great weekend. Peace out, Christy.

The sonographer recommended Troy Mediterranian Cuisine for a nice lunch to celebrate our news. Brian and I trust her judgement so we ate at the little family ownedTurk-ish style restaurant.

I highly recommend it as it was affordable, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was excellent. Located across from Savannah Car Wash getting into the parking lot was tricky for us, States-Vegan’s. Thanks to Brian’s GPS we were able to navigate into the parking lotafter one odd turn. The tables were topped with white paper clothswhile the lights were dim. This tranquil and peaceful setting was finished withpretty paintings on thewall.

My lunchbegan with the Mixed Meze (a Turkish or Albanian reference to small portions) that was plenty to share with hub-ster. At a very reasonable $1o, the plate included hummus, stuffed grape leaves, falafel, baba ganoush and tabouli served with pita bread and garnishes of tomato and baby lettuces. After this big appetizer, I had a side salad topped with traditional dressing. It was fresh, green and delicious.

For more reviews: Savannah Foodie, or Savannah Menu.

*photos compliments of all things mimi on flickr
where IS the coast?
i promised to answer the question, “where is the coast?.” in my case it was sunbury, georgia, which was delightful. i really liked the quaint area that is rich with heritage and history. sunbury, which was settled in 1757 was once the second busiest port in georgia. although, i admit you have trouble imagining this now. the area includes fort morris originally used to protect georgians from the british (it changed hands several times between america and england). ironically, our group of mates included one great britain -a little too perfect considering the area’s history. there was one restaurant: sunbury crab company. and, one modest public dock. the view was spectacular. of course, the deep water of the intercoastal waterway is magnificant from any angle. i love it. sunbury was no different. the area was unpretentious and low maintanence. it was sheer relaxation. it isn’t a place for wining and dining, caviar or bordeaux. but it is just the right place for a great escape, a lot of r&r, bare feet, and old fashion fun. i loved it. i loved “the coast.”
*photo by venomphotography

You won’t believe it but, Southern Mamas has come to the rescue AGAIN. There is actually a class to help stop toddler tantrums!!!! This is unbelieveable. I wonder if it really works. Have you or anyone you know tried this?

via Southern Mamas

momsoncall2.jpgDont fret. You will survive toddlerhood and the no stage.

Especially now that the Atlanta pediatric nurses behind are offering their popular toddler parenting seminar online. The course aims to help parents find out:

  • The one thing that your child needs most but will never tell you.
  • Why kids misbehave and discover how to motivate your child to achieve and make good choices.
  • Three household rules your toddler can understand.
  • Things to say to your children that motivate them to want to behave
  • How to handle discipline, sleep issues, tantrums, going out to eat, potty training, and much more!

Sign up for the on-line toddler seminar here. The seminar also is offered live in Atlanta. Click here for info.

Mark your calendars for summer events sponsored by Brighter Day!

Saturday, June 14
Brighter Day Garage Sale
9 a.m. to 12 Noon

Employees are bringing personal items to sell -stuff up fromthe basement. It’s bound to be an interesting mix of items. We’ll set up tables on the sidewalk, and even have a sale shelf inside the store of discountinued discountedproducts. It will all be low key and fun, in keeping with the spirit of summer.

July 23 at 7:30 p.m.
Hair, Skin and Nails – The Natural Way
with Michael Hoffman from NOW Foods
Location: Brighter Day Natural Foods

Michael Hoffman has spent over 30 years in the natural cosmetics industry, with companies like Jason, Avalon, and Nature’s Gate. He is currently a consultant for NOW Foods. He knows a lot about cosmetic ingredients and how they work together to make really effective products. If you want to know how to care for your hair, skin and nails – no matter what your age – join us for this event. NOW will be providingfree product samples.

August 15 & 16th (Details TBA)
Aromatherapy Event with David Crow
August 15: Free Community Evening Lecture
August 16: All Day Workshop

We are absolutely thrilled that David is coming to Savannah!. You may have seen him at the annual Medicines from the Earth Conference, or read his book, In Search of the Medicine Buddha. You can explore hiswebsite ( learn more about his company, aromatherapy products, and philosophy.

If you have questions, call Brighter Day at 236-4703

Puppet Gumbo Festival Thursday, June 12 – Monday June 16th.

Where? Trustees Theater and in Johnson Square , Savannah, Georgia

There is a puppet street fair from 9 a-1 p on Saturday June 14 in Johnson Square. It sounds really cool therewillbe free puppet-making, puppet shows and jugglers, street performers, jazz music and kids puppet parade.

There are also manyfamily-friendly performances Trustees Theater

call: 912.355.3366 or

Photoby dbur4900

Puppet Performances (see schedule for times):

  • Mountain Marionettes AT THE HOP
  • Sean Keohane Kid-friendly POLCHINELLO
  • An Elkland Art Center productions of JASON’S DREAM

I just wanted to update you all on a previous post

Funny, my last was kind-ofpost was about spirit. I love spirit. I am green-ish. And, I love this marketing idea.And, I like Abbigails.

So, grab your box. Get your spirit. Shop. And, Save.

Do you think the boxes will really be recycled? Wouldn’t it be great if they were. The boxes are gorgeous (as far as boxes go) and sturdy. Hmm…I wonder how we could find out. It would feed my green.

Spirit Sale

this Saturdayat Abbigail’s on Main!

It’s easy to show your store spirit and save $-

Show your store spirit this Saturdayby simply bringing in

an old Abbigail’s on Main shopping bag or box

and receive

30% OFF
your entire purchase!

*Includes all in-stock merchandise

that is not already on sale!
*Limited one bag/box per customer!

storefrontWe’ll look forward

to seeing you this
Saturday to show off
your store spirit!
Thank you for your

-From all of us at Abbigail’s

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I am kind of liking the Cripple Lillies. I don’t know that much about them except that they recorded in A-town, that’s Athen’s, Georgia in local dialect. Yet, they are based in Florida. Their music is kind-of-a-lovely folksy shock. Indie-folk type tunes to soothe you while you drink your coffee. Umm…it goes down so smooth. Their music sounds mature. They seem ready for mainstream as they have an album due to be released in 2008.

You will think of picking daisies and wild roses when you hear their work. It sings to your soul. Seriously, it’s cheerful and sunny and earthy and natural with a refreshing element.

Boy, do I miss the music-scene pre-babyhood. I bet Daddy Hulsey does, too!

I am listening to their song: Henry Darger. It’s really good stuff. Ear candy. Yum.

More info:

See, isn’t Megan’s hair cute? I love it! Per my Locks of Love post, which you can read here. , I was able to lift a picture.

[…]She had super long, gorgeous straight blond hair. Yes, it was the kind that we all long for – naturally gorgeous. I know that it will provide a child with a beautiful set of locks[…]

While I am posting about Locks of Love — I found this picture, here. B-Street Salon in Savannah should have more information about local donations. B-Street is my Salon. I love it! This makes me love them even more!

B Street Salon stylist Brittany Hall, back, cuts off Lea Dickinson's, 13, ponytail Tuesday at a Locks of Love charity event organized by third graders at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School. Hunter McRae/Savannah Morning News

Mary Catherine Tison, 8, donates her hair Tuesday at a Locks of Love charity event organized by third graders at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School. Hunter McRae/Savannah Morning News

At a Locks of Love charity event organized by third graders at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School Tuesday, the ponytails had to measure 10-inches.

The Humane Society of Statesboro/Bulloch County sent this. In hopes of spotting Zeke, I am posting it here. I didn’t even know the Dog Detective existed. This is a pretty neat concept. If you do ever misplace your fur-pal it is always a wise idea to check your local animal shelter daily, contact local animal rescue groups and make veterinarian, pet sitting, and pet stores aware of your missing pooch. In the case you see him let the Dog Detective know : ) !

Dog Detective
Dog Detective – Lost dog and found dog database.
Lost Dogs

Labrador Retriever Medium (20 – 50 lbs) Black Male
Last seen in:
Statesboro, GeorgiaMore Info:

After seeing King Corn last night at the Jepson Center in Savannah, I am moved to improve the nutritional value of my diet by eating more locally grown produce and locally raised meat. I am not committed to buying all of our diet nontraditionally; Yet, I will try to make a conscious effort to select local farms over industrialized farms.

I have been researching ways to eat locally here inStatesboro in Bulloch County. Admittedly, Ithought it was impossible.Really, thisentire subject is off the beaten path for me. I did not even know that the Silver Linings Farm existed, however, I found it on the Local Harvest website.

Do you strive to eat locally? How difficult is it? Where do you shop? Is it more trouble than it is worth? I am curious about the whole program as I would love your input.

Silver Lining Farms

(Statesboro, Georgia)

Poultry – Dark Cornish Game , Brown Eggs Goat – % Boar & Full Blood Boar Rabbit – New Zealand White Miniture Donkeys – Ossabaw Isl. Ga. Poultry & Rabbit are free range Mail order is possible on poultry , rabbit , & eggs .

1149 Harville Rd.
Statesboro, GA 30458
Contact Information
Mike Herndon


Farmers’ Market year round

Schedule and Location:
M & M Goat and Poultry sale
Hwy. 46
Metter , Ga.

Every 1st & 3rd Saturday
sale begins at Noon

Farming Practices: [?]

Products/Crops: [?]

Click on the icon for recipes! (“WSSF” Stands for Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall.)

Meats: Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall
mklnk(‘/takemeto.jsp?p=chicken’,’‘,0); chicken
mklnk(‘/takemeto.jsp?p=goat’,’‘,0); goat
mklnk(‘/takemeto.jsp?p=rabbit’,’‘,0); rabbit
Dairy/Eggs: Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall
mklnk(‘/takemeto.jsp?p=eggs’,’‘,0); eggs

*Photo by by Toe Wiggler

A last minute whim wrangled with us and won.Beatrice and I raced over to the Statesboro Regional Libraryto catch the Christmas Puppet Show!Theinteractive showlasted about 15 minutes, which was perfect for the crowd. The amused audience ranged from 6 month old babies to 12 year olds. I saw Mothers, Dads and Grandparents.

Beatrice pointed and laughed as we walked in the door. Her laughter and smile made the effort of the quick trip and the post-ponement of dinner worth every second. In addition to the stellar puppetry, the library gave each child a book. Wasn’t that nice?

There is another show on Wednesday, December 12, 2007 from 10:30 – 11 a. You should go. It’sa handout of fun and whimsy. The merriment is gratis. You can’t beat that!


I really don’t feel like blogging much tonight. So, I am reposting – a simple cut and paste -an old email from another Bulloch County Native. The document cleaves to the Statesboro theme that has been rippling through my latest entries. Note: the waveis unintentional.Admittedly I am a Statesboro Fossil, a 32 year old artifact of the back country. Yet, some of these facts are more mature than I. I have a few “memories” of my own that I will add, perhaps on a later post. If you can think of any let me know.DO YOU REMEMBER…

  • When Vandy’s was ONLY located on W. Vine Street , and you could count on Vandy Boyd to “pinch” a taste of barbecue from your plate, as he sat it on the counter?
  • When you could get Lehman Gerrald to cut your hair….down those mysterious stairs underneath the Bulloch County Bank?
  • When the Kentucky Fried Chicken was only a take-out window in the back of the Paragon restaurant?
  • When you could count on there being AT LEAST one new Cadillac, one new Oldsmobile, and one new GMC truck on display at Woodcock Motor Company?
    (But hardly ever MORE than one of each.)
  • When Barnes Funeral Home was located between Pearle Screws’ Texaco
    Station, and Bill Tucker’s Sinclair Station? (And didn’t Buddy Barnes just have
    the perfect look of an undertaker?)
  • When it was 12 LONG miles from the city limits of Statesboro to Brooklet?
  • When you always looked forward to going to Minkovitz, and having Sol or Ike
    Minkovitz fit you perfectly in that new suit? (And speaking of Minkovitz- didn’t they have almost everything? and how about the elevator – with a real elevator operator? When – if you couldn’t find something “nice” at Henry’s or Tilli’s or Minkovitz – your were just out of luck?
  • When you really wanted to ride on that old, hand-drawn, freight elevator
    at W.C. Akins & Son Hardware?
  • When there was nothing but corn & cotton where Statesboro Mall is now?
  • When everybody PROPERLY said “it’s up yonder on the 4-Lane”, instead of “I believe they’re located on Northside Drive West “?
  • When all the youth (of driving age) went down to the A & W, to “squall a tire”?
  • When Lannie Simmons sold Studebaker cars and trucks?
  • When the “FAMILY” Drive-In Theatre, really was for the entire family?
  • When you could count on Leodel and G.C . Coleman to print all the news that you really needed to know?
  • When a trip to McConnell’s and/or McClellans dime stores was a great way to spend the day, and spend your allowance?
  • When EVERYBODY “came to town” on Saturday?
  • When you count on Roger Holland or Ed Smart to make sure you had the perfect pair of glasses?
  • When you referred to your doctor as ” Dr. Johnny ,” or “Dr. Albert “, or “Dr. Bird,” and everybody knew who you were talking about?
  • When Franklin’s Restaurant was open 24 hours a day &advertised the “World’s
    Worst Apple Pie”?
  • When you could always count on seeing James Aldred , with that #2 lead pencil
    stuck behind his ear, at Aldred’s Food Mart?
  • When J.B. Johnson delivered your dry cleaning from Register Dry Cleaners,
    in that green Chevrolet panel truck?
  • When people gave you their telephone numbers by saying ” PO ( or Poplar)
  • When everyone knew exactly where “Go past Joe Hodges ‘ store…” was
  • When the Banks family put cold fresh, City Dairy milk on your doorstep everyday?
  • When the Coke float from Ellis Drug Company was better than it had to be?
  • When you loved to hear people say that they lived in the Sinkhole
    District, and wondered where it was? (And where in the world was Jimps?)
  • When you heard the latest news, sports and weather from Ray Shader, and the
    tops in pops from Ray Classens, over “WWNS radio, 1240 on your dial, in
    Statesboro , Georgia “?
  • When the “Buggy & Wagon” was where you went to purchase a “nicer” gift?
  • When Dr. Henderson was the “head man” at Georgia Southern (and
    “always” had been)?
  • When Fair Road used to be the Pembroke Highway ?
  • When you could spend all day at the Georgia Theater, or the Regional Library, or the Rec Department, and it was okay (your parents didn’t worry a bit about you?)
  • When everyone called the open shelter next to the Rec Department swimming pool the “Pav -a- Lon”? (no- NOT pavillion – – – say it right: Pav – uh – Lon!!!) –and you could get those great frozen Milky Ways there?)
  • When you could give people directions by telling them to “go out past Pine Inn”, or “go right past Red Bug Haven”, or “just as you get past Upper Lotts Creek Primitive Baptist Church, turn right…” — and they’d get to where they needed to go?
  • When seeing ( Clinton) Tucker ride that big Harley Duo-Glide , just made
    you feel a little scary?
  • When Jim Brock used to ACTUALLY bottle Coca Cola, at the Statesboro Coca
    Cola Bottling Company?
  • When Gay & Marsh sold American gasoline, and Leland Riggs (at 4-Points
    Service Station) sold Atlantic gasoline?
  • When “Mizz” Jessie Averitt always had a sucker for you at the First Federal?
  • When important gatherings were held in the Lamplighter Room at the Howard
    Johnson ‘s?
  • When you could always count on seeing and hearing a little smoking, drinking & cussing down at Bird’s Pond?

What do YOU remember?

*Text cut and pasted from an email — I have not edited it in any way

Photo: 060121 Country Road in Bulloch County Originally uploaded by rlee1

Okay, since I have had a Statesboro theme lately I can not resist showing you this fine display of South Georgia talent.

Hell LOWflesh peddlers, your talent searchwill come to a halt upon feasting your eyes on this commercial.It’s great to know there are a few souls with aptitude in the Bulloch County area. Who said, “white redneck men can’t dance?”

I have GOT to share this.If you do not do any thing else today, you must find a computer with sound and watch this. I promise, you are going to smile.It is absolutely ridiculous.

This one goes out to Amy — my long left the ‘boro, we went to the science fair in the 8th grade, I am super smart, beautifulfriend Amy. You, anyone who lives in Statesboro but does not have cable, former Statesboro residents, and well, just anybody haveneed tosee this. This is a a real commercial created and aired right here in the ‘boro. You either hate it or you love it. For those of you who do not live here anymore, this is a reminder of why you relocated. Yes, this commercial won Northland Cables BEST COMMERCIAL one year. I am serious. When this is the cream of the crop, you have a good idea about the quality level of programming we experience in rural Georgia.

So, do you love it, or do you hate it? I want to know what you think.

I LOVE it. I am just cheesy like that!

Get into the HolidaySpirit

Statesboro Style!

Watch the Commercial.

Come to the Downtown StatesboroFestival of Floats Parade on Dec 6, 5:30 p. Ten get to the phone quickly to order your tickets to see Emmas Holiday Follies. Call 912-212-2787 or visit the Box Office. The show isDecember 14 – 16 at the Emma Kelly Theater. Bring your camera to take pictures with Santa and the Grinch after the show.

Contact: Connie Hayes, Assistant Director Averitt Center for the Arts home of The Emma Kelly Theater 33 East Main Street Statesboro , Georgia 30458 912-212-ARTS

Did you here about this? Apparently, a girl drove her car into the pool at The Garden District in Statesboro, Georgia. I would like to make light of the situation and say “this is how we roll here in the ‘boro.” But, this is horrifying. It is really disturbing, sad and dangerous — not only for the drinkers but for the rest of us who are on the road in a college town.

Please, if you are going to drink please call a cab for your safety and for ours. And, be careful if you are driving the roads of the ‘boro as there are drivers like this on the road!

This happened at Garden District in Statesboro last Friday night. No one was hurt

Statesboro Drunk Driver!6Statesboro Drunk Driver!5 Statesboro Drunk Driver!4 Statesboro Drunk Driver!2 Statesboro Drunk Driver! 17 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

GreenDrinks Savannah 5:30PM on Tue, Dec 11, 2007

Churchill’s Pub on Bay Street $drinks

Many shades of green, one good time! WHO:Anyone interested in a greener Savannah WHAT: Sustainability is good. Cocktails are good.
Sustainability + Cocktails = Better
WHEN: Second Tuesday of the month @ 5:30 – 7:30WHERE: Enjoy happy hour drink specials, half-price appetizers and $3 “Green Monsters” at Churchills Pub Join us downstairs in the cellar 13 West Bay Street

WHY: Because global warming’s hot, hot, hot!!

Visit our website:

** If you would like to be included on the monthly invitation list, please send an email to with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

*Photo compliments of Rune T

I admit this knowingly – I mean, I know that it sounds old-fogey,kind-of senior citizen-ish, totally southern.I hate to even say it, but I love going on Tours of Homes. I really enjoy it. Grandmother and I used to go each season to a holiday inspiredone on Sea Island. My fascination with Tours of Homes probably originated with her as she has lugged me to tours in Valdosta, Albany, St. Simons and Sea Island. Some were with coffee. Some were with cocktails. Some were extravagant. Some were mediocre. No matter what the tours were they are fun.

It’s too far to drive down to Sea Island now, too far to drive to our annual “oh wow” tour. However, I found one in Savannah. It’s on a weekend so maybe I can convince Brian to go. Or, maybe we can convince a Adam and Stacy to meet us there since they live in Savannah. Hmm…that’s an idea. Here are the details in the case you may want to go:

Second Annual Ardsley ParkHoliday Tour of HomesFriday, November 30, 2007 7 p.m. VIP Reception – $50

Saturday, December 1, 2007 noon – 4 p.m. Tour of Homes – $25

Proceeds benefit The Learning Center at Senior Citizens, Inc.

(912) 236-0363 for additional details or reservations

Hmm…I did notknow this. Dal Cannady, reported this story on WTOCthough. It must be legitimate. Apparently several thousand Thanksgiving dinners will be given away right here in Statesboro.

They're cooking 90 turkeys and more than 100 gallons each of turnips, beans and yams.

They’re cooking 90 turkeys and more than 100 gallons each of turnips, beans and yams. *PhotoCompliments ofWTOC

Volunteers are gathering at Statesboro High School to prepare and deliver 2,400 plates to locals. Unbelievable. Can you believe this goes on here? This is so great!

Like a good neighbor (can’t you hear the State Farm Insurance Jingle), Jimmy Anthony is theeeerrrrre. Seriously, he really IS an agent.”It isa pleasure to do. I can’t stop. So I will do it as long as I live,”he explained. He started it in his back yard. If you want to to help, from cooking and serving to delivering or cleaning up, you can stop by Statesboro High School on Fleming Road between 6am and noon on Thursday.

*See WTOC story here

The message said, “call me back immediately.” The excitement in her voice promted me to do just that with utmost urgency. Bring. Brriinnnng. She answered almost immediately. Lauren,one ofmy favorite-really-close-friends, had the best news EVER. Her sister-in-law and two other people got tickets to Oprah’s Macon debut last Saturday. Even better, they were on their way home with car load of loot, real Oprah booty.Not only did Rod’s brother’s wife go to an Oprah Show, she went to the very best show of the year. The talk show host brought her FAVORITE THINGS 2007 list to Macon!!!! ThiOprah's Favorite Thingss show is the “show of shows,” the cream of the Harpo crop. If you couldchoose justone episode to go to, this is it.Yes, you’re on the right track. Sheila and her counterparts returned home with the gift of actually seeing Oprah AND a whole bunch of her favorite things. OOOOOOOOOOO, yeah baby!

Some girls have all the luck.

*Per an earlier post: The secret is, sometimes THE SECRET doesn’t work.

I was curious to know exactly how lucky Sheila was so I checked out the list on In the case you’re interested. Here’s the complete list of her favorite things (or Sheila’s big win):

Samsung Progressive HD Camcorder SC-HMX10C Approximate value: $799.99

UGG Australia Classic Crochet Tall Boot Approximate value: $120

TOYWATCH Crystal and Colored Crystal Watch Approximate value: $150

Perfect Endings Cupcakes from Williams-Sonoma Approximate value: $59 (Set of 9)

Melamine Bowls, Measuring Cups and Spoons from Williams-Sonoma Approximate value: Bowls $32 (Set of 3); Measuring Cups and Spoons $18 Set (Cups $14, Spoons $8)

The Artisan Stand Mixer from KitchenAid Home Appliances Approximate value: $349.99

The Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth DVD Set Approximate value: $59.95

Kai Body Butter and Body Buffer Approximate value: Body Butter $55; Body Buffer $28,

CLARISONIC Skin Care SystemApproximate value: $195/system

Claus Porto Soaps from Lafco New York Approximate value: $42 (Set of 3)

The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett Approximate value: $24.95

Breville Ikon Panini Press from Williams-SonomaApproximate value: $99.95

HDTV Refrigerator with Weather and Info Center from

LG Electronics Model LSC27991 Approximate value: $3,799

Ciao Bella Blood Orange Sorbetto Approximate value: $4.99/pint

Rachel Pally Swing Turtleneck and Sailor PantsApproximate value: Swing Turtleneck $141; Sailor Pants $194

Scrabble Premier Edition from Hasbro Approximate value: $70

United Artists 90th Anniversary Prestige Collection Approximate value: $869.98

Shaklee Get Clean Starter Kit Approximate value: $89.60

Os Guide to Life Approximate value: $29.95

Josh Groban’s Noel CD Available

It is confirmed The Pink Pig has offered Generations of Joy to Children in the South. I found a link to photos in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. If you want to look, click here.

According to the AJC, “The venerable holiday ride for children of all ages is back.”

The Pink Pig is at the Macy’s Lenox Square mall store in Atlanta. The original Pink Pig appeared at Rich’s in 1953. The attraction was a series of of small cars wearing pig faces. As my mom’s story indicated, “riding became a holiday rite of passage for children and adults alike”the AJC writes.It all came down towho got an “I Rode the Pink Pig at Rich’s” sticker.

Here are the hours for 2007. Why am I posting this? Hmm…I dunno. I guess, if you are considering going you don’t have to research any futher. It’s here simply for your convenience. November hours are 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday and noon to 6 p.m. Sunday. It’s closed Nov. 22 and open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Nov. 23.

December hours are 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday. It’s closed on Christmas Day; Christmas Eve hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. New Year’s Eve hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Hours on New Year’s Day, its final day, are noon to 6 p.m. The ride is $3 for children of all ages, and a portion of proceeds benefits Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Info:

If you want to see the full article AJC article click here.

*Photo compliments of Mr. Kimberley on flickr.

Oprah Winfrey spent Thursday night in Central Georgia as She’ll tape a show at the Macon City Auditorium tomorrow. Oprah’s jet flew into the Middle Georgia Regional Airport shortly after 5:30 Thursday.

About an hour later, Oprah surprised diners at the Fish ‘N’ Pig restaurant on Lake Tobesofkee. Hmm…I do not think that I have ever been there. Have you?

For more information on Oprah’s arrival click here. Or, check out A View from A Hearsewhere a Macon Blogger references Oprah’sarrival. He even has a few pictures of the crew set up.

Speaking of Oprah,this one brought tears to even my eyes Oprah calls this the greatest love story ever told. You need to take some time out of this day to read this … right now. Not later. Stories like this are why I have faith that God exists but because of this story. Click here for the story Really. I promise, it’s good.

Apparently, Macon is spiffing up, polishing up and gettin’ spiffy. In true Southern style their very best foot is being thrust forward. Mayor Jack Ellis said Monday the city plans to spend “whatever it costs” to buff up the City Auditorium so it is impressive for Oprah Winfrey’s visit. Macon will be polishedto the finest glisten when Madam Oprah arrives. The city will sparkle and shine with a deep southern glaze.

According to Harpo Productions, more than 4,500 people requested tickets for the show within the first 48 hours that applications were available.Ladies, I guess that means we will not be going to the November show.

As you know from my previous post (The Secret is…Oprah Show), I am (still) secretly wishing, and hoping, and dreaming. Shhh…It’s The Secret.

Oprah. Oh, Oprah. How I would love to see you. Since I can not go to your show can you swing by my house?Please, pretty- please with thick, sappy, southern molasses sugar-cane sugar. I need a house re-do, a yard make over. I have a project-o for Nate-roni. And, I am in desperate need of a post baby-delivery make over. I am one of those people who is pulling my hair out. Could one of your angels just come be a mom for the day? I haven’t gotten a good night sleep in -let me see, how old is Beatrice – in8 freaking months.I can really use you. I read your books. I need you.

Actually, Oprah I don’t need any thing. If you come by my house to visit, I promise, all that I need will be someone to hold me up, keep me alive, help me breathe.

Actually Oprah, don’t worry about coming to Statesboro (I can’t believe I just typed that). Macon is going to do you right, sister. The mayor has reminded residents to be “on their best behavior while Oprah is in town.” He said, “Just like your mother used to tell you when company is coming.” You and your entarage will experience the finest of hoptiality while in Macon. I know you will. Enjoy the awesome State of Georgia. Enjoy all the charm. Enjoy all that we have to offer. And, come back some day. But next time, Oprah, please come to Statesboro!

P.S. Thanks, Oprah, for not taking your show to Atlanta.

DSCN0327_edited DSCN0329_editedDSCN0331_edited DSCN0330_edited DSCN0335_edited DSCN0337_edited DSCN0338_edited

These pictures are from our trip to St. Simons last week. After an early morning breakfast at Dressners (our favorite island breakfast spot) we strolled around the village down to the pier. We stopped to take B to the playground. It’s right on the beach so it was breezy and chilly. And, it was really early. As you can see we were the ONLY people in the park. Brian pushed Beatrice on her first swing ride until he couldn’t take it any more. It looked like so much fun he had to join in for Father-Daughter swing. It was so much fun. It’s times like this that I remember how much I love B’s Daddy. He is such a great Papa!

I cut and pasted this from the Macon Telegraph. No, I didn’t send in any thing even though I am one of her biggest fans. But, in the case you are:

Calling all Oprah fans

Oprah Winfrey is scheduled to tape a show in Macon on Nov. 17 as part of a series of shows highlighting towns across the U.S. We’re looking for midstate residents for three stories.

Looking for Oprah fans The Telegraph doesn’t have tickets to the Oprah show that’s being taped this month in Macon. But we want to hear from people who do have tickets. What did you tell the Oprah staff to get them to pick you to be a member of the audience? Well pick the best entries for publication. Please e-mail Joe Kovac Jr. at

Are you the biggest Oprah fan in Middle Georgia? If you think you are or know someone who is we’d like to hear from you. Please send a short note to reporter Phillip Ramati at with your name and a daytime phone number. The deadline is noon Thursday.

We’d also like to know what you think have been the greatest moments from the “Oprah” show over the years. Please e-mail those to Harold Goodridge at by noon Friday.

The story is here.

so,itwas halloween. i distinctly remember going trick or treating until about the fifth grade, i can’t confirm whether i went after that. but, I promised myself and so did my mother that was it. THAT WAS IT. Trick or treating into highschool, college, or adulthood, i just didn’t do it. I don’t do it. I’d love to hear some stories of people still going strong! I want to know your motivations, obsessessions and reasons why. Because, why, WHY in the world would you do it?

People, seriously… SERIOUSLY… where does the need to be The Girl Who Gets The Most Candy come from? is it a competition or something? do you have to be the most-remembered person at the party, the one who collects the most cavaity producing morsels in one round? because what everyone is thinking is: That Is Unnecessary.

And, please if you are going to participate in the holiday faux pas, please wear a costume and at least carry a bag. do not just stick out your hand and utter anexpressionless request for candy, nor stick your paws in thegoody bowl.when you stand before the gracious treat godsshow SOMEthing off. please show off something elsenext halloween: your brain, your creativity, your most awesome and original costume idea, some sparkleyglasses, a bag with a hand drawn picture of, well anything.make people laugh instead of gawk and make them jealous of your successful brainstorming rather than your apparent rudeness.

oh, and don’t come into someone’s yard asking for candy while holding your cigarette behind your back. it can be seen. it can be smelled. don’t pretend the smoke is some quirky part of your spooky costume, or that it is being released from your plastic witch’s cauldron. because it’s not.

apparently anyone who did not have any where else to go was magnetized to downtown statesboro. admittedly, there were someamazing costumes, some fancy costumes and some people with manners. and, about every 20th person or so, a neighbor or friend was recognized. but the carloads of individuals who came from who knows where, who weren’t even walking need to learn some halloween etiquette.

next year we are posting a sign that says NO COSTUME, NO CANDY — we should add to the list NO BAGS, NO MANNERS, NO CANDY. oh, and NO SMOKING, please.

Oh, my dear God above. As I read the paper today, my neck craned forward, my hands clinched each side of the document as I brought it forward to my face. A smile spread across my face as my mouth fell open wide. No way, I thought. There is absolutely no way. OPRAH IS COMING TO GEORGIA. But, she is. Hooray! She will be in Macon on November 17th. This is the best news I have heard in a long time. I love Oprah. Upon reading this delightful news, I raced to the computer to check on-line reservations. Tick, peck, tick, tap,tick. My fingers dance across the keyboard, expediently tapping the route to my on-line destination. Maybe my dreams WILL come true. I would love to go to the OprahShow. The trek is on my list ofthings to doin this lifetime. In fact, it is in the top ten. Oprah is the only show that I watch semi-religiously. And, I have for years. To my disappointment but not to my surprise, the show is booked. They are no longer accepting reservations. If you are a survivor of domestic abuse you can submit your story of violence with hopes of being selected to attend. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I do not fit the bill. Rats!Oprah is one of my heroines. I think she is a modern prophet, an angel here onPlanet Earth.She spreads happiness, light and love. I want to see her, darn it. Hmm…she promotes The Secret. That is it. There’s my ticket. I will hope and wish a chance to go to the show. I will use The Secret to secure my space in her audience. See you there! The Secret

A note from West Main Art Gallery:

Greetings from West Main Art Gallery and Studios, Statesboro, Ga. We are thrilled about this event and hope you will be interested and will come . First Friday Art walks are a great evening out and watching an artist at work is always fascinating.Anyone you think will be interested please forward to them. Lesley Manning, co-owner,Harry Manning silent/partner ‘go fer’ and ‘fix itperson’, West Main Art Gallery and Studios, Statesboro, Ga.
Be well and prosper,God Bless, Lesley

Wow. We bought our house from Peter Smith last year about this time. Peter was way hip for a 36 year old. He was very artistic and witty, a grand graphic designer and website builder. He died on Friday from a massive heart attack. My friend Rebecca from This, That & the Other Magazine just posted the news. Read on:

On Friday October 5th, Peter Smith died from a massive heart attack.
Peter was only 36 yrs old. And this is still really too much to take in.
Below is information about Peter’s memorial service. If you knew Peter or someone that did please pass this information on. MC and Olivia will appreciate all who attend.There will be no funeral but a memorial service for Peter Smith on Monday, October 8, 2007 4-7 p.m. the Arts building, Georgia Southern University.Visitation with family and friends 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Remembrance Service 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. You are invited to share your memories of Peter with us during this time. Cards and Notes of Sympathy may be sent to: xxxxxxxxxxx

Greetings. I am SO glad you are here. In fact, I am glad that I am here. I have been wanting to blog for so long. And, here I am, getting going, getting started. It’s a fiesta ya’ll! HELL LOWfrom Statesboro, Georgia. Whew hew. Yeah baby. Mama is a blogger. She’s shed her scales and quit breathing fire. She’s coming up into the 20th century, tech savvy, no longer a dinosaur. I hope to use this vehicle to express my whoa’s and oh, no’s and celebrations and tribulations. It will be fun. Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to seeing more of you right here.