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Until a few years ago, I had absolutely not an eence of an idea what a succulent was. In fact, it sounded like something out of my high school science class. But now I find them so crazy beautiful that I struggle with words to describe their awesomeness. Accessories are something I am totally obsessed with. When you pair the two, it gives a whole new meaning to out of this world amazing. I’m talking a whole new level of gorgeous fun; a whole new level of chic. From bracelets to boutonnieres to shoes to much more, I’ve rounded up a bunch of succulents to wear that you can’t help but be in awe. 

See every single beauty in the round up in the list: 20 Amazing Ways to Wear Succulents

Until you get to the original round up, here are few sneak peeks. Absolutely beautiful. Don’t you think?

Succulent Purse: Now sure how practical these are, but they are GORGEOUS!

 Succulent Umbrella: Protect yourself from the rain with something that actually needs the water :)

Succulent & Flower Wedding Gown: The artistry that went into this handmade gown is so incredible. We are swooning.

The best part? The gal who made this actually wore it on her wedding day, so it’s not just a show piece.

Succulent Ring:  Another genius piece from Susan McLeary.

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