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Julie from Sprinkles Bath & Body made these cute products. Remember those straws I got from fort & field for the melting Witch Punch? Well, these are the same straws. I think this is very creative!  

Lip lollies are all natural lip balm made to look like a real lollipop by using a striped paper straw for the stick…


…these monograms made out of sailing flags. Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a different flag in this shared room. 

Isn’t that cool? I love it!  

I love these monograms, the artist that made them, and the mama who put them in her babies room.

All around lots of love, nautical love, LOVE. Sailing away with lots of kudos. :)

This makes me wish that my sewing machine was in order and that I was in practice sewing. It’s an old Old Navy onesie with ruffles. Dana at Made did it. I love it! You can visit her blog for directions.

The eagle has landed.  My camera is back in my paws. Yahoo!  First things first.  Boo wants a picture of my Christmas tree. She said that I can’t post an article about How to Decorate Your Tree Like a Designer or post that my Christmas tree is up, then not post a picture of my own tree.  So, here it is, Boo. Christmas Tree 2007 My camera’s back.  Mama’s snappin’.  And, no it doesn’t look like a designer tree.  In fact, we don’t even have all the ornaments on it yet.  Nor do we have a tree topper. None the less it was fun to decorate. 

Now our house feels christmas-sy.  I wish we could keep it up all year!

P.S.  Look closely, you can barely see Barry in the left hand corner of the photo.  Good ol’ Sandy Paws!

Here’s a few pictures of my pine cone tree…just for fun.  I made it at Mom’s Night Out last week.  

Pine Cone Christmas tree  Pine cone Christmas Tree side view