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Until a few years ago, I had absolutely not an eence of an idea what a succulent was. In fact, it sounded like something out of my high school science class. But now I find them so crazy beautiful that I struggle with words to describe their awesomeness. Accessories are something I am totally obsessed with. When you pair the two, it gives a whole new meaning to out of this world amazing. I’m talking a whole new level of gorgeous fun; a whole new level of chic. From bracelets to boutonnieres to shoes to much more, I’ve rounded up a bunch of succulents to wear that you can’t help but be in awe. 

See every single beauty in the round up in the list: 20 Amazing Ways to Wear Succulents

Until you get to the original round up, here are few sneak peeks. Absolutely beautiful. Don’t you think?

Succulent Purse: Now sure how practical these are, but they are GORGEOUS!

 Succulent Umbrella: Protect yourself from the rain with something that actually needs the water :)

Succulent & Flower Wedding Gown: The artistry that went into this handmade gown is so incredible. We are swooning.

The best part? The gal who made this actually wore it on her wedding day, so it’s not just a show piece.

Succulent Ring:  Another genius piece from Susan McLeary.

You can also see a snip of this post over at The Southern Coterie.

Glow in the dark Skull&Crossbones silly band earrings me
Fancy up me hearties. Yo ho! This pair of glow-in-the-dark silly band skull earrings are sure to be the life ofye party and the highlight of me mates day. These jewels would have been the perfect treasure to shiver me timbers at Beatrice’s Pirate party!
These pirate earringsfrom Black Feather Studiosare as one-of-a-kind as the artist, who just launched the etsystore. I am be a huge fan of this young girl. My love goes waaaayyyy back to when she was a baby girl — and, used to come play with my sister, my dog and I at the beach. I am so impressed with her work. I can’t believe she can do this…the mediums she uses (like snake vertebrae)are naturally, ecclectically cool while the jewelry is feminine and pretty.
Congratulations, Black Feather Studio. Your shop is unique and beautiful…just like you and your sweet mama. Kudos!

“If you could go to one foreign city tomorrow, where would it be,” the spokesman threw his voice into the microphoneduring the Newlywed Game atthe BUMC Valentine Banquet.

Paris. I, immediately thought of Paris. I love Paris. LOVE PARIS.

You would think, I would like to venture to a boom town in South Africa,
Brazil, or Russia. Maybe go somewhere different, Christy??? But, no. I am a simple girl. I would like to go back to Paris.

I love this necklace that displays the City of Light by the Bluemoss Girls. And, I love Paris.

*ding*ding*ding* I answered, “Paris.”

it’s so hard for me to concentrate on the coolness of this idea because i can’t quit STARING at that, weird scraggly, squatty thumb! wtf? where was the stylist?
Back to the post, this makes me wish i wore thumb rings. the possibilities are endless and endlessly funny atsomeone else’s expense.
Ok, really back to the post now. My sister can be brutally honest. Thanks for sisters, right? She informed me the other day that I really needed to keep up the blog. “It’s so boring. I keep visiting. There’s nothing new, there,” she explained. “I go everyday and I am tired of reading about popcorn,” she continued. From several emails, I conclude that her synopsis is mutual within the readers of the blog.

Thank you friends and family. Ut. Hum. I said that with sarcasm.

The truth is upon my return from our vacation, I found my father in the worst condition of his life. He took a fall while walking MY dog that sent his body and mind into a life altering tailspin. The disease he lives with saw the event as an opportunity to sprint forward in a conquest of his life and his brain. I found him inthe onlyina puny, urine smelling, hell of a hole nursing home.It is the only one in the area with a rehab center.
Upon the plane landing, I raced to his side only to find him ignorant of my being and confused by my excitement to see him. I told him, “I love you, I love you, I love you” when I first set eyes on him. I hugged and kissed him and bounced around the room. “I don’t understand why you keep saying that,” he professed. Amazingly, I held my emotions in containment that evening.Since then, I find my days filled with a new obsession that includes visits to his room, researching dementia on the internet, reading books on the subject and visits to the darkest, most emotional part of mysoul that I know.
I love to blog, yet each evening it has been the last thing I can think of. I have even written several posts. Then, deleted them. It has been difficult to find the upbeat, happy self and style of my blog. And, expressing all that we have been going through is simply too personal and too revealing to broadcast. It deserves intamacy that I can not describe with the tokens of my keyboard.
Several weeks have passed since “that” evening. I am feeling more comfortable with the situation and slowly regaining myself and my spririt. Considering the blog long and hard, I have decided to maintain it as an outlet, as a release, and as fun. I love it. I miss it. And, I give you a secret hand shake. I promise, I do solemnly swear I will return to the blogosphere next Monday with pictures I love, finds I can barely live without, and tidbits that are just-so-me.
I appreciate all of my friends and family so much. Time escapes me these days as I often regret not telling people how much I appreciate their phone calls, emails, visits, food, words, thoughts, and prayers. Often I do not even have an opportunity to respond. I am ashamed of my rudeness because I DO, DO, DOappreciate them all. And, with the same tri-emphasis – theyDO touch me.
Here’s my secret hand shake. I promise to recessitate Moon Dreams and Day Beams, to give it breath and life. And, I promise not to stamp you!

found here* via Beach Bungalow 8

You can win this JULIAN & Co.birth necklace at Southern Mamas. 1mom7B.jpg

All you have to do is leave your name. Again, I am still wondering if people actually when these bloggy prizes. So, let me know if you win!

I know it has foot prints on it, but if you don’t have children maybe you could have your pets paw.

Stephanie, I am thinking that Bella’s paw would look really cute!