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I love you Mr. Starbucks  

Let us pray: Our java who art in Starbucks, hallowed be thy name. Thy caffeine come, thy work be done at home and in the office. Give us this day our daily caffeine. Forgive us our late nights as we forgive those who kept us up late. Lead us not into half caff and deliver us from caffeine free. For thine is the java, the jolt and the caffeine rush forever. Amen.

Thanks Mommy Needs Coffee.  This really works for #3 on my addictions list!
*Photo By Rude Lovers©


Cat obento

Obento!  I know, it sounds like a party, fiesta, all night long.  Go Lionel Richie, go.  Maybe I am just getting carried away.  It does, kind of, sound like that instrument they play at the symphony.  Deep. Loud.  You know, the Obento.  No, no that is not it. Anyway, Obento is a super cool craft of Japanese mothers.  They spend hours making creative lunchs for their children each week.  The creations are Obento.  Obento can be animals, cartoon characters, toys, well, Obento can be anything that will make the food appealing to choosy children.  The teachers judge each of the boxes every day according to rules of the craft such as it must be hand made, tantalizing and appealing to kids.  Wow. I am so impressed with Japenese mothers.  This Southern mama can not imagine finding an extra hour a day to create, implement and execute creative lunch box strategies to swindle my child to eat her veggies.

Look out B, here come your brocolli!

Soccer obento