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Love this.  Happy Tuesday. Happy YOUesday!

I admit my heart is still breaking over Japan. The Tsunami. The Earthquake. The Nuclear Explosions. The Deaths. And, it is frigid winter over there. I’m sure it is for many of you have aching hearts,  too.

thanks for the photo, leslie

I hope you had a beautiful weekend. With my grandmother, cousin, sweet sister and beautiful neice were in town – plus and lots of family and friends in our back yard to celebrate Beatrice’s 4th Birthday Pirate style — WE DID!!!

Here is a band that I am enjoying thanks to Black Eiffel. The name of the band is:  Little Joy. Have you heard of them? They are happy, chirpy, cheerful and FANTASTIC! Amazing voice:  this clip is amazing, too.

Little Joy

photo from Chronicle Books

Download the album on itunes or amazon.*

Posted on Wednesday, now has 10.7  million views – if you haven’t seen this, it’s worth a peek:

for more information go to Playing for a Change

i was so impressed with cbs’s 60 minutes feature on rex, who has savant syndrome, that i decided to use the clip of the show as this week’s music monday. considering kindermusik-type research on early child development links to music and the on-going research for the link between music and alzheimer’s disease, i am very curious about how music is stored in the brain, in the mind. i can not seem to grasp how it is stored different than other information. for instance, how does an alzheimer’s patient remember every word to happy birthday yet forget the name of a spouse? anyway, this excerpt from 60 minutes discusses the link of music to autistic/blind individuals. all i can say is: impressive. if you didn’t see the show, it is worth taking the time to watch it here.

for this weeks music monday i chose, “stranger on the shore” by acker bilk. this song, originally called “jenny” after his daughter, is so delightful. i stumble upon the tune with each visit to kim’s blog. i have truely fallen in love with this song. so jump over to daisy cottage as the music will play automatically.  listen. see what you think. for me, it congers up dreams of home and of youth, a warm roast in mama’s oven, dirt roads, blue skys and sunshine. i feel like i am riding on a magic carpet with all of my favorite people passing all of my favorite things when i hear this song. i love the ride this piece navigates.  

if you are wondering about acker bilk, his parents tried to have him learn the piano but as a busy-boy he found it restricting. he loved playing soccer outside too much to enjoy the piano!  more, he lost two front teeth in a school fight and half a finger in a sledging accident (both of which he claims impacted his eventual clarinet style). He later learned the clarinet as an adult while serving in the British Army.  by the mid-1950s he played professionally.  boy am i thankful. i really like this song.

click on it and listen. let me know what it makes you think of.

happy music monday.

xoxo, christy


Beatrice watched and listened to this French Lullaby over and over tonight. I admit it is soft and relaxing. I love it, too!

Update (February 2011). Per a comment left, this IS really a better video as it includes a chicken!


La petite poule grise
L’était une p’tit’ poul’ (une petite poule)grise
Qu’allait pondre dans l’église
Pondait un p’tit’ coco
Que l’enfant mangeait tout chaud
L’était une p’tit’ poul’ noir
Qu’allait pondre dans l’armoire
Pondait un p’tit’ coco
Que l’enfant mangeait tout chaud
L’était une p’tit’ poul’ blanche
Qu’allait pondre dans la grange
L’était une p’tit’ poul’ rousse
Qu’allait pondre dans la mousse
(L’était une p’tit’ poule beige
Qu’allait pondre dans la neige)
L’était une p’tit’ poule brune
Qu’allait pondre sur la lune
English Lyrics:
Here is the translation I made (sorry for my english) :
‘t was (it was) a little grey hen
who laid in the church
(it) laid a little egg (French children call an egg “coco”)
the child ate this warm egg
‘t was a little black hen
who laid in the closet
(it) laid a little egg
the child ate this warm egg
‘t was a little white hen
who laid in the barn 
(it) laid a little egg
the child ate this warm egg
‘t was a little red hen
who laid to lay in the moss
(it) laid a little egg
the child ate this warm egg
(‘t was a little beige hen
who laid in the snow)
‘t was a little brunette hen
who laid on the moon
(it) laid a little egg
the child ate this warm egg 

UPDATE, FEBRUARY 20111. Per a comment left, I found a much better youtube video for this french lullaby. I like it much better. It has chickens!!

Hi Friends, I’m headed to Sex & The City with a few girlfriends tonight. Have you seen it?  I am so pumped as I can’t wait to see Carrie’s shoe closet!!! 

The floors (I have to say floors because if former roommates or family members read this, they will attest that all of my shoes untidily carpeted the bottoms of my closets rather than neatly resting in an organizer) of the closets my life have sparkled with good Gilly’s and brogues, and some some outstanding platforms.  My old plights would laugh hysterically at the slender soles my new Chacos while mocking their dull black natural fiber laces.

“She wears high heels when she exercises,” sings Train in Meet Virgina. Like Carrie, I loved my shoes.  My life couldn’t be described better with another line.  Train’s lyrics say it well.

Things have changed a lot since then for Carrie…and I.

I can’t wait to catch up on the characters lives tonight. I can’t wait to see the movie!

Cosmos, anyone?

The shoe illustration is by artist Leanne Shapton  via Creature Comforts.

Back in college I loved Edie Brickell. I remember blaring her tunes in my car as I headed up the hill of the Sussex Apartments headed to class. I don’t know why her voice congers that memory from my days at UGA, but it does.  She has one of the best voices in all genres of music.  Admittedly, her follow-up albums never compared to  Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars, they were always good – not as amazing, but definitely good.

Then she married the super-rich Paul Simon.  I guess, she decided that she did not have to work any more. Lucky her, right?  But now she is coming back, as part of an indie duo called Heavy Circles. I’ve only heard one song so far.

I am in the mood for my one of my favorites from her debut album, Little Miss S. Click here if you want to listen, too.


Lyrics to Little Miss S:

shooting up junk in the bathroom
makin it with punks on the floor
livin the scene of her limmisine
Little Miss S. in a mini dress
living it up to die
in a blink of the public eye

day-glo point in an electric chair
electric dye in her lovers hair
a pretty sight in the middle of the night
made up for everyone to see
swinging on the branch of a broken family tree

you got a lot of living to do without (x2)
you got a lot of living to do without life

the village idiots in her bed
never cared that her eyes were red
never cared that her eyes were dead
in the hours that her face was alive
it was the thing just to be by her side

you got a lot of living to do without (x2)
you got a lot of living to do without life

hey, alright

you got a lot of living to do without (x2)
you got a lot of living to do without life

you got a lot of living to do without (x2)
you got a lot of living to do without life

Little Miss S. is actually about Edie Sedgewick, a 60s top model who got addicted to heroin, hung out with Andy Warhol, and died really really early. Dark, yes, I know but the sound is really good and clean and totally Edie. 

My life is in some ways one gigantic music quest. My ears are not choosy as I simply love a range of sounds from a range of genres. I am not very educated in this area. Rather, I am a novice with little skill or knowledge. In this case, ignorance is bliss because I love it all!

Unlike my husband, who has a far superior ear I am often drawn to lyrics.  I can get lost in them. The lyrics take me away while giving me the opportunity to dream a little, wish a little, and escape a lot. While checking out Daily Scribblings, I stumbled upon a new favorite song,  ‘Strawberry’ by Paul Baribeau.  It has the best lyrics. This is my new love song to my husband while also my new love song to Beatrice. I would love to find either of them growing out in the woods. I would pick as many of them as I could.  I would then have huge basket of them. 

A tisket, a tasket. Brian and B in my basket.

You can read Andrea’s well written introduction to the song, here

Here is a link to Paul’s Baribeau myspace, here.

*Photo compliments of  jrabbiton flickr.

And, here are the super lyrics:

to say that you are cute

would be like saying that a strawberry is sweet

cause a strawberry has secret flavors that are sharp, and tart, and red, and deep

and i would love to find you growing wild out by the woods

i would make a basket with the front of my t-shirt

and take home as many of you as i could

and to say that you are pretty

would be like saying that the ocean is blue

cause the ocean is full of all kinds of colors

and i see all kinds of things when i look at you

and i want to explore you with my tenni shoes off

standing ankle deep in a tide pool, with my khaki pants rolled up

and to say that you are funny

would be like saying that the night sky is black

cause the night sky is filled with stars and comets and planets that no one has seen yet

and i want to look at you

lying down on my front lawn

ill try to take you all in at once

but you just go on and on and on


Someone sent this to me. And, I probably should not post it especially since I will not be posting for a few days. It is going to appear at the top of my blog. Oh, no. It will serve as my hostess, it will be right in the foyer waving hello to all those who pass. But, here goes.  If you got a kick out of the Senator Craig debacle you will chuckle.  It really is funny.