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Thanks for sharing this, Aunt Peg. All research is good research. It did briefly mention early-onset Alzheimers. Oh, and thank you, too, Science Friday!

Tommy Linstroth, head of sustainable initiative at Melaver, Inc. appeared on WSVH 91.1 FM Savannah’s Local NPR affiliate on Friday December 21st to discuss his book Local Action: The New Paradigm in Climate Change Policy”. The book is an upbeat and accessible guide for citizens, communities, and local governments interested in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Tommy’s interview was heard on Georgia Public Broadcasing’s “Morning Edition” and “Georgia Gazette”

“I know that when they see my failing, they get really sad and they don’t like to see that,” he says. “I wish they would try to understand that I may be a little different.There’s a time there where I will forget everybody’s name, but inside I’m still here. I’m still me.

And though my speech may be poor, inside I’m thinking how much fun I’m having with them. And I, as much as possible, would like to be treated as [I] had been treated before.”

As an NPR junkie I recently heard Charles Jackson’s interview on Morning Edition.  The StoryCorps Memory Loss Initiative is a program (of Story Corp) that reach’s out to people affected by Memory Loss. The progam shed’s light on the ever dark subject by encouraging people to share their stories. It is enlightening, sometimes humerous, sometimes sad and often rich with knowledge, the first-hand kind.  On days it makes me cry while on others it makes me smile.

Charles’ story is a little over 3 minutes long.  You can listen to it by clicking here. It loads quickly and is easy to listen to. 

  This is the Story Corp Booth that roams the country picking up stories and putting them in it’s basket.  The stories are first-person accounts.  Beyond the NPR website the Story Corp maintains a blog that you can see here. The blog includes written memories. 

Is the Story Corp bus visiting a town near you? 

StoryCorps on the Road

See if StoryCorps is visiting an NPR member station near you.  This is the route.   Map - U.S. Route If so, you should definitely look into making a recording. You can also make recordings at home and send them in.  I think they have kits.  Hmm…I should look into this. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to document the stories of our family, forever?  I will try to look into this some more and get back to you.

If you know any thing about it, then please share YOUR story. I would love to hear!

*Photo compliments of pinehurst19475