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Thanks for sharing this, Aunt Peg. All research is good research. It did briefly mention early-onset Alzheimers. Oh, and thank you, too, Science Friday!

Beatrice says, “cheeeese” for Papa before her first day of preschool. She is going to Mommy’s Morning Out two mornings a week. She was so excited this morning. And, so were we!

Then, she watered the flowers.

“I ready to go to schooooo now,” she says.

I took a couple of pictures with my phone after school:

Note: Beatrice loves backpacks and leashes and things like that. This morning she was looking for a bag to carry so I grabbed this backpack. The fun thing about this super cute pink gingham backpack is that it was mine!  If you look closely, you can see the initials PJ on the bottom left side of the pack. Aunt Peggy made it for me when I was a little person. She is so proud to wear it. I love it!