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The picture clarity is horrific, yet I must share the pictures because Beatrice had the BEST time helping stuff the Treasure Chest Pinata made by our DEAREST FRIEND Jane! Oh, how I heart a great artist. And, I am so fortunate that she shares her amazing talent with my little family.

Upon meeting Jane at her “home studio” early Sunday morning she let  Pirate Beatrice help hook the loot in the treasure and cover the final work. Argghh.

Oh, and I can’t resist sharing the picture of sweet little Marie. What a princess this little dog  is!

Thank you, Jane, for making our birthday parties so special. We love you along with your extra special artistic touches. Did I mention she hand crafted a wood sword to break the pinata?!?!? 

And, thanks for your help Marie. You are a special gal, too.

See Jane’s ceramics and sculptures, here.