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I remember† how this feels.

Joy & Endurance Joy & Endurance has some news! Hurry, hurry, run go see.

I have several relatives that are on the cusp of giving birth.† I mean, literally days of their due dates. Kelly. Ut-um, Stephanie.† Yew-hew, laaaadies.† And, Lea, Lauren, Avery, and April, you may want to read-on, too.† I found this fun†information†at .† I can not help but think of you all.†

Needless to say, this article is being reposted here.† P.S. I have eaten at Toucan’s about three times. It’s scrump-dilly-icous.† If you need a date, I am happy to go with you. And, I will even drive you down River Street afterward!†

Here you go girls:†

Wanna give birth before Christmas?

December 19th, 2007

toucansign.jpgOr maybe youíre hoping yours will be a New Yearís Baby?Hereís an unofficial labor-inducing Savannah secret: a beloved local restaurant serves a special entree thatís rumored to induce labor. Thatís right. The Thai shrimp(or chicken)and eggplant at The Toucan Cafe, a SouthernMamas favorite, is the special to order before going in for the pitocin.In the 13 years the restaurantís been open, several customers have said they went into the labor the day after eating the meal, says owner Steve Magulias. The magic meal isnít on the regular lunch or dinner menu, so just call in advance to order it before coming into the restaurant @ 531 Stephenson Ave. on Savannahís southside. 912.352.2233

Of course, if the magic Toucan meal doesnít do the job, weíve been told taking a ride on the cobblestones on River Street works pretty well, too.

Got any other tips for expectant moms who are tired of being pregnant and want the baby to come now? Please share.

Guess what. Guess what. Guess what!† Beatrice and Barry played for the FIRST time yesterday.†They actually interacted with each other. I know you know how crazy I am about Barry. And, I know you know how crazy I am about Beatrice. You know this makes mama proud.† Barry has ignored her much-unlike my dreams, my dreams that they would play and love each other.† During my pregnancy he was very attentive to my needs and very understanding. However, once Beatrice arrived he has been really low, lethargic, and seemingly depressed.† He completely ignores her as he will leave the room any time she approaches him. I caught a video of it yesterday.† I am still beaming. My children DO get along!

P.S. They are playing with one of the leftover daisy’s from the diaper cake (from earlier post).† I was going to return it for a refund. Oh, well. It is worth the dollar it cost to seem them interact with one another.†