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Glow in the dark Skull&Crossbones silly band earrings me
Fancy up me hearties. Yo ho!  This pair of glow-in-the-dark silly band skull earrings are sure to be the life of ye party and the highlight of me mates day.  These jewels would have been the perfect treasure to shiver me timbers at Beatrice’s Pirate party!
These pirate earrings from Black Feather Studios are as one-of-a-kind as the artist, who just launched the etsy store. I am be a huge fan of this young girl. My love goes waaaayyyy back to when she was a baby girl — and, used to come play with my sister, my dog and I at the beach. I am so impressed with her work. I can’t believe she can do this…the mediums she uses (like snake vertebrae) are naturally, ecclectically cool while the jewelry is feminine and pretty.
Congratulations, Black Feather Studio. Your shop is unique and beautiful…just like you and your sweet mama. Kudos!

Julie from Sprinkles Bath & Body made these cute products. Remember those straws I got from fort & field for the melting Witch Punch? Well, these are the same straws. I think this is very creative!  

Lip lollies are all natural lip balm made to look like a real lollipop by using a striped paper straw for the stick…

Jacquard Sheath Dress

Timeless. This flattering silhouette dress from White House Black Market is adorable.
If only I were tall and skinny…

They’re baackkkk. The singing pirates are back in the New Car Commercial. And, I love it. This barnstorm of commercials is so funny to me. Admittedly, it sounds bonkers but sometimes I like commercials more than television shows.  While I wangle a short attention span, I have an advertising degree in custody.  This interesting coupling of traits makes me an ad agencies dream.  Yes Madison Avenue, I am JUST who you are looking for! 

Anyway, here is my new fave commercial. 

Eric Violette is the actor in each of the commercials of campaign. And, no he is not in a real band. Rather, he is a comedian.

The lyrics:  Well I’m shopping for a new car, which one’s me? A cool convertible or an SUV. Too bad I didn’t know my credit was whacked, so I driving off the lot in a used sub-compact.F-R-E-E, that spells “free”, credit report dot com baby. Saw their ads on my TV. Thought about goin’ but was too lazy.Now instead of lookin’ fly I’m looking fat, my legs are sticking to the vinyl and my posse’s getting laughed at.F-R-E-E, that spells “free”, credit report dot com baby…

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All my friends are preggers (though the number dwindled by one on Saturday and then one-less again on Monday).  The list is currently at SIX.  Yes, SIX of my friends are pregnant. That makes my trips to Margaritaville lonely.  And, martini’s in solitude just aren’t as fun. Anyway, I saw this post on Southern Mamas, and thought I better post it here. I know several of you could really use something like this.

First SouthernMamas giveaway

ppd-organic.jpgThanks to our new sponsor Preggie Pops, we’re thrilled to offer our first giveaway to SouthernMamas subscribers.

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Preggie Pops are fun gifts to give at baby showers or to that friend who just told you she’s pregnant! Preggie Pops are naturally flavored lollipops made for pregnant women searching for a drug-free, natural remedy to morning sickness. Preggie Drops are the more discreet, lozenge form of the lollipops.

SouthernMamas who miss out on the giveaway can still receive 10 percent off online purchases of Preggie Pops and Drops. Visit the Web site by clicking here and use the coupon code “southernmamas” when making your purchase to receive your discount.

Okay, we have been living in our house over a year now.  If you have visited you probably noticed that seating is an issue, a real issue. We don’t have any chairs.  In my defense, I was pregnant and on bed rest for most of our tenure here.  I don’t know how to explain the 8 months since Bea’s arrival. I guess, I have just been lazy. Or, perhaps too picky. 

When GG visited last week she was very bothered that we did not have any dining room chairs. And, you know what that means. She initiated a mission.  Operation Find the Hulseys Something to Sit On.  She scoured the furniture stores and antique stores. And, I think she hit a few yard sales.  She preyed upon every possible furniture vendor in the area. She loved every minute of it. 

The results of her frisking:  six dynamite chairs. 

She probed. She proded. And ultimately she rummaged until she won. This was her steeple chase.  Ours, too.  We are the ones who reaped the benefit of her grouse. 

She pressed-on even after the gunning-down. She took the project a step further. She did not just win, she REALLY scored.  She suggested that my mom give them to us for Christmas. Go Granma, go!  So, thank you Grandmother and thank you Mom. The chairs are in great condition. They are beautiful.  They will look marvelous once we have them recovered.  Better, you will have a place to sit when you visit next. 

May all of YOUR coursing’s reap a capture.  May all of your sifting, snooping, shopping and sporting result with such booty. 

Sitting pretty,



Antique Chairs We brought them home on Saturday.

Here’s a close up. The seats are in immaculate condition but they are gold, like the gold of church pews.  The gold doesn’t really match our decor. Close up of Antique ChairMaybe I can con Lauren into helping me pick out some fabric. Lauren, yew-hew, sweet decorater one: I need your help.  Or Lea, you are good with this kind of thing, too.  I do like the wood work of the chairs. Brian is thinking about painting them black. What do you think?  Oh, if you are wondering the location of the capture, we found them a Heritage House Antiques on Highway 80 in Brooklet.

Peek a boo Peek a boo, baby! 

After mo-sing down to St. Simons this Saturday, we had a GREAT weekend.  The family mobile was loaded with the whole fam – even Barry and Sugar.  Saturday night, Brian, B and I went to Blackwater Grill, St. Simons Island, GeorgiaBlackwater Grill.  It was delicious.  You can see their menu, here.  I had a Berry-tini – Super Fun!  After dinner, we put baby to bed before enjoying a glass of wine and R&R on the deck.  We talked and rested and sipped while listening to the radio (louder than we should, longer than we should).  The tunes danced underneath the blanket of a gentle rustle from the trees.  A sheet of waves covered that.  The crashing could be heard as it poked thru the sound covers.  It was great.  I mean, it was really wonderful.  On Sunday, we went up to Darien to shop at the Strasburg Store and Ralph Lauren.  Yeah, baby.  Yeah, Mama! Dad was in tow so I didn’t get to bring home any kadoodles from the Strasburg Store.  Rats! I was in heaven as I love to dress up B.  Papa was, well, less than thrilled.  He didn’t think the prices were “outlet” at all.  I promised B we would be back without Papa on a Mommy/Daughter extravaganza.  “Shhh…it will be our little secret,” I promised.  I did score at the RL store, though.  I even found a belt big enough for my post-delivery size.   RL is one of my deepest weaknesses.  It always has been and it always will be.  I was in heaven – with two bags to prove it. Shake what cha’ mama gave yuh.  And, you know those athletic socks I am obsessed with. I FOUND them there.  Yayayayayay! Soft, comfy, and well fitted, I could hardly keep myself from kissing my feet all the way home. I love those socks, but that’s another blog-eroni. Sunday afternoon Brian headed to the Moran Theatre to see the Panic Show in Jacksonville — male bonding and free time.  ScruffyFor some reason he always lets his beard grow out before he goes to a show.  He must feel liberated when he is scruffy. Mr. Wild and Free.  B and I caught up with the Curriers.  We were amazed that even at 8 months the girls are already playing together.  Baby L likes to pull B’s hair and B likes to sit on Lilly.  It’s hilariuos.  We packed up early this morning to head back to the ‘boro to enjoy the rest of Papa’s day off. 

barry and sugar 

Barry and Sugar get some R&R!