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Recylce. Reuse. Regift. Rejoice.  It’s early Christmas at the Hulseys!

Our friends down the street, who I actually met on Freecycle,  I just love  Freecyle - the weird things is it is the only time I have responded to a Freecycle advertisement – Anyway, I met a wonderful family through that ad.  Plus, I scored a few cool books, like the Dr. Sears Guide to Parenting that I still have on my night stand (and in my store).  Anyway, it seems I have diverted from the original intention of the post and the sentence structure is awry. Anyway… 

This friend gave us all of her old curios.  We picked them up on Saturday. It was like Christmas around here!  I mean, she didn’t just give us a few toys she gave us a trunk load of novelties.  From the shopping cart, to the box of Legos, to the Leap Frog toys, to the singing Elmo, to the awesome books, to well, all of the stuff, Beatrice has been playing non-stop for two days now.  I have to say THANK YOU in the biggest way.  And, to think we saved these from the landfill makes us feel even better.  The Operation Christmas Eco-Challenge IS going well!  I didn’t even realize that I needed these things until I realized how content Beatrice is post the new additions to our bauble basket. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

As you know I am trying to learn as much about blogging as I possibly can, in attempt to learn how to create slide shows I made one to describe our experience.  Here it is.  It is a fun, fast moving little slide-show. Click on it and enjoy Christmas — a little early!

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I decided I need to clean up the top post especially since I will be unable to blog for a few days. I AM a mother now.  I must keep it semi-clean — walking the straight and narrow, you know.  Here is a great opener: Boo’s Slideshow:

hmm…as you can see that did not work, the codes must be confused or something. So, here is another picture. It’s a funny of my brother in law. The picture is funny — here is my replacement, replacement opening post. Take one. Take two. Now finally, take three!

jon with hair  Nice hair Jon. I LOVE it!