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Beatrice, that bowling ball is as big as you! We had a great time playing at The Clubhouse at Gracie’s 7th birthday. Our toddler fashionista dressed herself and swore off the provided shoes at the center. “Mama, I am NOT wearing those,” she informed us. As you can see, she changed her mind upon realizing that it is a requirement to bowl. The little bowling shoes were so tiny and cute.

Whitaker had a great time, too. Depite my best attempt, the delay on my camera phone prevented any shots of speedy Whitaker. 

Beatrice used her tickets to buy Whitaker a one inch bouncy ball, a ring that we lost at The Clubhouse, and a plastic bracelet that broke. It must be fun to shop because we spent the longest time deciding exactly what to purchase.

All in all it was a great party and a great birthday celebration for sweet Gracie at The Clubhouse!

 The message said, “call me back immediately.” The excitement in her voice promted me to do just that with utmost urgency.  Bring. Brriinnnng. She answered almost immediately.  Lauren,one of my favorite-really-close-friends, had the best news EVER.  Her sister-in-law and two other people got tickets to Oprah’s Macon debut last Saturday.  Even better, they were on their way home with car load of loot, real Oprah booty. Not only did Rod’s brother’s wife go to an Oprah Show, she went to the very best show of the year.  The talk show host brought her FAVORITE THINGS 2007 list to Macon!!!!  ThiOprah's Favorite Thingss show is the “show of shows,” the cream of the Harpo crop. If you could choose just one episode to go to, this is it. Yes, you’re on the right track.  Sheila and her counterparts returned home with the gift of actually seeing Oprah AND a whole bunch of her favorite things.  OOOOOOOOOOO, yeah baby!

Some girls have all the luck.

*Per an earlier post: The secret is, sometimes THE SECRET doesn’t work.

I was curious to know exactly how lucky Sheila was so I checked out the list on  In the case you’re interested. Here’s the complete list of her favorite things (or Sheila’s big win):

Samsung Progressive HD Camcorder SC-HMX10C  Approximate value: $799.99 

UGG® Australia Classic Crochet Tall Boot  Approximate value: $120

TOYWATCH Crystal and Colored Crystal Watch  Approximate value: $150 

Perfect Endings Cupcakes from Williams-Sonoma  Approximate value: $59 (Set of 9)

Melamine Bowls, Measuring Cups and Spoons from Williams-Sonoma  Approximate value: Bowls $32 (Set of 3); Measuring  Cups and Spoons $18 Set (Cups $14, Spoons $8)

The Artisan® Stand Mixer from KitchenAid Home Appliances  Approximate value: $349.99

The Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth DVD Set Approximate value: $59.95

Kai Body Butter and Body Buffer  Approximate value: Body Butter $55; Body Buffer $28,

CLARISONIC Skin Care SystemApproximate value: $195/system

Claus Porto Soaps from Lafco New York  Approximate value: $42 (Set of 3)

The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett  Approximate value: $24.95

Breville Ikon Panini Press from Williams-SonomaApproximate value: $99.95

HDTV Refrigerator with Weather and Info Center from

LG Electronics Model LSC27991  Approximate value: $3,799

Ciao Bella Blood Orange Sorbetto  Approximate value: $4.99/pint

Rachel Pally Swing Turtleneck and Sailor PantsApproximate value: Swing Turtleneck $141; Sailor Pants $194

Scrabble Premier Edition from Hasbro  Approximate value: $70

United Artists 90th Anniversary Prestige Collection  Approximate value: $869.98 

Shaklee Get Clean™ Starter Kit  Approximate value: $89.60 

O’s Guide to Life  Approximate value: $29.95 

Josh Groban’s Noel CD  Available

Apparently, Macon is spiffing up, polishing up and gettin’ spiffy.   In true Southern style their very best foot is being thrust forward.  Mayor Jack Ellis said Monday the city plans to spend “whatever it costs” to buff up the City Auditorium so it is impressive for Oprah Winfrey’s visit.  Macon will be polished to the finest glisten when Madam Oprah arrives.  The city will sparkle and shine with a deep southern glaze.

According to Harpo Productions, more than 4,500 people requested tickets for the show within the first 48 hours that applications were available. Ladies, I guess that means we will not be going to the November show. 

As you know from my previous post (The Secret is…Oprah Show), I am (still) secretly wishing, and hoping, and dreaming. Shhh…It’s The Secret.  

Oprah. Oh, Oprah.  How I would love to see you.  Since I can not go to your show can you swing by my house? Please, pretty- please with thick, sappy, southern molasses sugar-cane sugar.  I need a house re-do, a yard make over.  I have a project-o for Nate-roni.  And, I am in desperate need of a post baby-delivery make over. I am one of those people who is pulling my hair out.  Could one of your angels just come be a mom for the day?  I haven’t gotten a good night sleep in - let me see, how old is Beatrice – in 8 freaking months. I can really use you. I read your books. I need you.

Actually, Oprah I don’t need any thing. If you come by my house to visit, I promise, all that I need will be someone to hold me up, keep me alive, help me breathe. 

 Actually Oprah, don’t worry about coming to Statesboro (I can’t believe I just typed that).  Macon is going to do you right, sister.  The mayor has reminded residents to be “on their best behavior while Oprah is in town.”  He said, “Just like your mother used to tell you when company is coming.”  You and your entarage will experience the finest of hoptiality while in Macon.  I know you will.  Enjoy the awesome State of Georgia. Enjoy all the charm. Enjoy all that we have to offer. And, come back some day.  But next time, Oprah, please come to Statesboro!

P.S. Thanks, Oprah, for not taking your show to Atlanta. 

I cut and pasted this from the Macon Telegraph.  No, I didn’t send in any thing even though I am one of her biggest fans. But, in the case you are:

Calling all Oprah fans

Oprah Winfrey is scheduled to tape a show in Macon on Nov. 17 as part of a series of shows highlighting towns across the U.S. We’re looking for midstate residents for three stories.

Looking for Oprah fans The Telegraph doesn’t have tickets to the Oprah show that’s being taped this month in Macon. But we want to hear from people who do have tickets. What did you tell the Oprah staff to get them to pick you to be a member of the audience? We’ll pick the best entries for publication. Please e-mail Joe Kovac Jr. at

Are you the biggest Oprah fan in Middle Georgia? If you think you are — or know someone who is — we’d like to hear from you. Please send a short note to reporter Phillip Ramati at with your name and a daytime phone number. The deadline is noon Thursday.

We’d also like to know what you think have been the greatest moments from the “Oprah” show over the years. Please e-mail those to Harold Goodridge at by noon Friday.

The story is here.

  Oh, my dear God above.  As I read the paper today, my neck craned forward, my hands clinched each side of the document as I brought it forward to my face.  A smile spread across my face as my mouth fell open wide. No way, I thought. There is absolutely no way. OPRAH IS COMING TO GEORGIA.  But, she is.  Hooray! She will be in Macon on November 17th.  This is the best news I have heard in a long time. I love Oprah.  Upon reading this delightful news, I raced to the computer to check on-line reservations. Tick, peck, tick, tap, tick. My fingers dance across the keyboard, expediently tapping the route to my on-line destination.  Maybe my dreams WILL come true.  I would love to go to the Oprah Show.  The trek is on my  list of things to do in this lifetime.  In fact, it is in the top ten.  Oprah is the only show that I watch semi-religiously. And, I have for years.  To my disappointment but not to my surprise, the show is booked. They are no longer accepting reservations.  If you are a survivor of domestic abuse you can submit your story of violence with hopes of being selected to attend.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, I do not fit the bill. Rats!  Oprah is one of my heroines. I think she is a modern prophet, an angel here on Planet Earth. She spreads happiness, light and love. I want to see her, darn it.  Hmm…she promotes The Secret.  That is it. There’s my ticket. I will hope and wish a chance to go to the show. I will use The Secret to secure my space in her audience.   See you there! The Secret