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Handy Dandy Easter Egg Candy!

Several people sent me this.  Normally, I get rather bothered by forwards. However, this is a good one.  I love the necklace!  I hate to be a gater hater, but…well, I am  just bred that way.

So, huh, the winner is Tim Tebow.  The irony of this situation is ridicuolous. As a  Georgia fan, I automatically take issue with Tim winning the Heisman. But it is more than that. Not only has Timmy never beaten Auburn.  His team has 3 losses. Wow. That is funny. I always thought wins and losses were a key ingredient to the complicated algorithm used to choose the winner.  I am not good with algorithms anyway.  Maybe I am just confused.  Or maybe the old rules just don’t apply now. It was the main argument, however, when Peyton Manning was snubbed in 97 for Charles Woodson (Eric Berry’s stats this year are better than Woodson’s in 1997). “Peyton can’t beat Florida!”…oh the irony.

Enjoy your Heisman, Timmy.  Sorry about the Georgia-Florida this year!