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Posted on Wednesday, now has 10.7  million views – if you haven’t seen this, it’s worth a peek:

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Ah, YES! It’s this kind of day.  Cold. Mitten-y.

No snow here despite the powdery downfall throughout the United States; yet, chill-ful, rainy and gray.

Snow. Ohh, snow can be so beautiful. 

Some days, I wish I lived in a place that got more white, fluffy, powdery, icy snow.

I know heavy snow is really not that romantic. But,  I’ll take it  if I can be the dude behind the hand-held zamboni (at 1:07).


Am I the last one to see this T-Mobile Welcome Back clip? It is awesome. I think the flashmob ad campaign is rusty. But, in this instance, who cares? I love it! What would you think if you came off a plane home – to that?!? I love the people’s surprised faces. Ironically, they are real. Seriously. It is live filming. The reactions are from true witnesses – filmed by 18 hidden cameras. I like the range of the music selected. The ‘vocal orchestra’ peformand is spectacular: “At Last” by Etta James, “Comin’ Home Baby” by Mel Torme, “Return of the Mack” by Mark Morrison, “I am the Passenger” by Iggy Pop and “I Knew You Were Waiting (for me)” by George Michael & Aretha Franklin.

I like everything about this commercial, Saatchi & Saatchi London rocked it.

Nice work, T-Mobile.

This beautifully filmed, Redwood forest video  by Jesse Rosten  is about growth, nature, roots, groves…definitely worth a look-see. There is a reverence, serenity, and peacefulness about it.

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Brad Tygart with Defining Motion finished the “fun” video for my favorite Statesboro Electrician. I love it. I laugh and smile every single time that I see it…especially Rod’s part. I helped, barely, but I helped behind the scenes. Well, I was there. I was there with Whitaker and Beatrice. Ahhh, not very much assistance, really. Anyway, it was amaza-heart-warming to see all these people support Brian. It made my heart sing that day…and, every time that I see it.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you everybody – especially Brad, the people who came by, texted, emailed, facebooked, called, sent written testimonials. Thank you every-single-body!!!

Good job, Brad. Good job, Brian. You guys are a duo!

Let me know what you think about it.

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Beatrice watched and listened to this French Lullaby over and over tonight. I admit it is soft and relaxing. I love it, too!

Update (February 2011). Per a comment left, this IS really a better video as it includes a chicken!


La petite poule grise
L’était une p’tit’ poul’ (une petite poule)grise
Qu’allait pondre dans l’église
Pondait un p’tit’ coco
Que l’enfant mangeait tout chaud
L’était une p’tit’ poul’ noir
Qu’allait pondre dans l’armoire
Pondait un p’tit’ coco
Que l’enfant mangeait tout chaud
L’était une p’tit’ poul’ blanche
Qu’allait pondre dans la grange
L’était une p’tit’ poul’ rousse
Qu’allait pondre dans la mousse
(L’était une p’tit’ poule beige
Qu’allait pondre dans la neige)
L’était une p’tit’ poule brune
Qu’allait pondre sur la lune
English Lyrics:
Here is the translation I made (sorry for my english) :
‘t was (it was) a little grey hen
who laid in the church
(it) laid a little egg (French children call an egg “coco”)
the child ate this warm egg
‘t was a little black hen
who laid in the closet
(it) laid a little egg
the child ate this warm egg
‘t was a little white hen
who laid in the barn 
(it) laid a little egg
the child ate this warm egg
‘t was a little red hen
who laid to lay in the moss
(it) laid a little egg
the child ate this warm egg
(‘t was a little beige hen
who laid in the snow)
‘t was a little brunette hen
who laid on the moon
(it) laid a little egg
the child ate this warm egg 

UPDATE, FEBRUARY 20111. Per a comment left, I found a much better youtube video for this french lullaby. I like it much better. It has chickens!!

  As I begin, yes, I know, I KNOW, I have gotten off to a late start — but, as I shop this year I am attempting to consider a companies environmental attitude.  A lot of major companies are investing in environmentalism.  I would like to reward their efforts and show my support by making purchases from companies with compassion. I am trying to invest in those that I agree with and divest in the ones that I don’t.  I am trying to use my (rather small, I must admit) buying power. 

How I shop can make a difference. How you shop can make a difference. Together we can help save the world…literally.

More reading:  Climate Counts

In the case you are interested, here is a ranking of companies according to Climate Counts:

Sort by: Rank

Ranking Sector Alphabetical
1. Canon – sector: Electronics | score: 77
2. Nike – sector: Apparel/Accessories | score: 73
3. Unilever – sector: Food Products | score: 71
4. IBM – sector: Electronics | score: 70
5. Toshiba – sector: Electronics | score: 66
6. Stonyfield Farm – sector: Food Products | score: 63
7. General Electric* – sector: Media | score: 61
8. Motorola – sector: Electronics | score: 60
9. Hewlett-Packard – sector: Electronics | score: 59
10. Coca-Cola Company – sector: Food Products | score: 57
11. News Corporation – sector: Media | score: 57
12. Procter & Gamble – sector: Household Products | score: 53
13. Sony – sector: Electronics | score: 51
14. Group Danone – sector: Food Products | score: 50
15. SAB Miller – sector: Beverages-Beer | score: 48
16. Starbucks – sector: Food Services | score: 46
17. L’Oreal – sector: Household Products | score: 45
18. Kraft Foods – sector: Food Products | score: 43
19. Nestlé – sector: Food Products | score: 42
20. Dell – sector: Electronics | score: 41
21. Kimberly-Clark – sector: Household Products | score: 41
22. Colgate-Palmolive – sector: Household Products | score: 40
23. Gap Inc. – sector: Apparel/Accessories | score: 39
24. General Mills – sector: Food Products | score: 37
25. Hitachi – sector: Electronics | score: 36
26. Yahoo! – sector: Internet/Software | score: 36
27. Siemens* – sector: Electronics | score: 34
28. Samsung – sector: Electronics | score: 33
29. Microsoft – sector: Internet/Software | score: 31
30. Anheuser-Busch – sector: Beverages-Beer | score: 29
31. Nokia – sector: Electronics | score: 29
32. PepsiCo – sector: Food Products | score: 26
33. Disney – sector: Media | score: 24
34. Kellogg – sector: Food Products | score: 24
35. McDonald’s – sector: Food Services | score: 22
36. Molson Coors Brewing – sector: Beverages-Beer | score: 20
37. Google – sector: Internet/Software | score: 17
38. Liz Claiborne – sector: Apparel/Accessories | score: 15
39. Avon – sector: Household Products | score: 11
40. Time Warner – sector: Media | score: 10
41. ConAgra Foods – sector: Food Products | score: 6
42. Limited Brands – sector: Apparel/Accessories | score: 5
43. Viacom – sector: Media | score: 3
44. Apple – sector: Electronics | score: 2
45. eBay – sector: Internet/Software | score: 2
46. Sara Lee – sector: Food Products | score: 2
47. VF Corporation – sector: Apparel/Accessories | score: 2
48. Clorox – sector: Household Products | score: 1
49. Levi Strauss – sector: Apparel/Accessories | score: 1
50. Yum! Brands – sector: Food Services | score: 1
51. – sector: Internet/Software | score: 0
52. Burger King – sector: Food Services | score: 0
53. CBS – sector: Media | score: 0
54. Darden Restaurants – sector: Food Services | score: 0
55. Jones Apparel Group – sector: Apparel/Accessories | score: 0
56. Wendy’s International – sector: Food Services | score: 0

How to Make a Nappy Cake

Things you will need:

  • 100  (+ or -) diapers
  • Gifts to hide and to decorate the exterior
  • Rubber bands
  • papertowel rolls
  • A Disposable Cookie Tray
  • Ribbon – 8 feet of 1″ or larger for finishing tiers
  • wooden dowels
    1. To form the top of the diaper cake, roll up a diaper, starting at the ‘open’ top end.
    2. Wrap a rubber band around the rolled diaper to stop it from unrolling. I used hair-bands. They come in a box of 750.
    3. Add 5 more diapers to the rubber band.
    4. For the middle layer, repeat step 1. Then add a new, bigger rubber band and add about 15 diapers.
    5. For the base, repeat step 2. Add a very big rubber band and add about 30 diapers.
    6. Place the largest layer of the cake on the base.
    7. Remove one or two diapers and replace with a gift. Inside each layer, hide a surprise such as a coupon, a doll, some cream, or a piece of baby clothing.
    8. Once you have the gifts inserted into each layer, assemble the remaining tiers of the cake.
    9. Secure them together by carefully inserting wooden dowels through each layer from top to base.
    10. Add a ribbon around each layer to cover the rubber bands.
    11. To finish off  you can wrap the in cellophane or netting, if you like.

    *See photos of cakes I think are impressive here.

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