Beatrice’s room is FULL of toys. For that matter, it seems our house is one giant toy box. Some of the curios are hand-me-downs while others are first hand jewels. Yet, of all the playthings and baubles she sometimes opts for simple things like this Burger King sack.

Brian crowned her with it during dinner the other night. She had the most fun with the novelty of a paper sack gone tiara.  Our Queen of Everything became the Queen of Burger King while merrymaking the entirety of her reign.

I am going to try to remember this when the next issue of Pottery Barn Kids lands upon my mailbox or as I drool over the baby dolls and kitchen sets in Little Doses.

“Remember Mommy, the complimentary bag is just as fun as the most expensive trifle,” I promise to remind myself.  Perhaps, I should make myself a sticky note reminder to place upon my wallet during the Christmas holidays!