Beauty is fleeting. And, so is life.

I’ve always known that great things sit atop cake stands… but this arrangement I did with my family for Pottery Barn, captured by the crazy talented Diana Daley Photographers is an absolute perfect display of whimsical, laid back sophistication. I mean, seriously have you ever seen baby blueberries, fresh cut maple leaves and a dried longleaf hydrangea look so beautiful before?

Being with your favorite women (with strong ideas and creative energies) surrounded by a gorgeous garden all makes for a day of beauty and one really interesting arrangement!  :) And you can see the whole project with my Mom, Grandmother and cousin if you click right here.

My favorite colors for spring are interesting including a variety of natural yellows,whites, corals, and deep greens. From buds to blooms to crumpling leaves in decay I incorporate all stages of life for a loose, organic, lush, natural and wild look.

What flowers should you use? Whatever makes you smile! I love expressive flowers like peonies, ranunculus and sweet peas, and rich roses alongside local, seasonal varieties. I am fond of flowers I’ve grown, or someone I know has grown – like from my Grandmother’s garden.

Nature has the best flowers. Whether foraging yourself or visiting others that do, local growers passionate about growing beautiful flowers are everywhere. Farmer’s Markets & independent garden stores are the best resource for local flowers. I love to visit mine. However, snipping greenery from pretty plants, yard trees, and bushes on your walk home is just perfect. Urban foraging is a great way to add loose, organic movement to your arrangement.

For a wild, lyrical look I recommend asymmetrical design verses geometric styles. If you look at your design and you love it then trust yourself. You’ve got it!

My grandmother, Margie Tygart, is the 87 year old in the pics. She’s a flower expert. In fact,there is a statue in her town center in honor of her natural flower arrangements called The Butterfly Girl. The video link is below. Margie says, “don’t be afraid to cut your flowers at different heights—having depth and variation will give your arrangement an airy and natural feel.”

While vases are classic vessels, I favor unusual pieces with large openings. A cake stand is perfect! A wider opening means more flowers. Plus, it allows them to fall naturally and encourages more movement.

A cake stand flower arrangement is fabulous for showers, events, rehearsal dinners and wedding because the base can be kept for years to come. It’s so meaningful and resourceful. It’s gorgeous!

It’s really all about creating a beautiful little platter, a pretty story atop the charger of your life.The heights & textures of your greatest dreams, and all the things that have make you – you make the most beautiful vignette. Everything you need can be found within you and around you.

You’ll be amazed at what you are capable of creating.

I’d love to see your story exactly as you arrange it atop your Pottery Barn cake stand.

Show me. Good luck and merry flower making!

Cake Stand: Pottery Barn

Venue: Garden of the Coastal Plain

Photography: Diana Daley Photography

Floral Design: Colonial House of Flowers

Stylist: Lauren Weems, Camp Makery

Supplies: Syndicate Sales

Flowers: Statesboro Farmer’s MarketCalifornia Flowers

Inspiration: Slow Flowers by Debra Prinzing


Until a few years ago, I had absolutely not an eence of an idea what a succulent was. In fact, it sounded like something out of my high school science class. But now I find them so crazy beautiful that I struggle with words to describe their awesomeness. Accessories are something I am totally obsessed with. When you pair the two, it gives a whole new meaning to out of this world amazing. I’m talking a whole new level of gorgeous fun; a whole new level of chic. From bracelets to boutonnieres to shoes to much more, I’ve rounded up a bunch of succulents to wear that you can’t help but be in awe. 

See every single beauty in the round up in the list: 20 Amazing Ways to Wear Succulents

Until you get to the original round up, here are few sneak peeks. Absolutely beautiful. Don’t you think?

Succulent Purse: Now sure how practical these are, but they are GORGEOUS!

 Succulent Umbrella: Protect yourself from the rain with something that actually needs the water :)

Succulent & Flower Wedding Gown: The artistry that went into this handmade gown is so incredible. We are swooning.

The best part? The gal who made this actually wore it on her wedding day, so it’s not just a show piece.

Succulent Ring:  Another genius piece from Susan McLeary.

You can also see a snip of this post over at The Southern Coterie.

That moment I never want to forget: when Pottery Barn called to say they want to feature my daughter holding my best friends wedding bouquet.

There is so much love in this bit.  Sooo much love.

My favorite person, Beatrice holding my other favorite person, Linsay’s, flowers. And, I put those flowers together. I worked on it for months, and months. I didn’t sleep for days before Matthew & Linsay got married because when I know my bride personally it is very emotional. You wanna make them absolutely-positively-perfect for that person. It’s art. It means something. I want to make their dreams come true – everything they ever wanted, ever were and are to become – all of that in the compilation of flowers.

I know, it’s ridiculous. It’s just so true.

For Linsay’s bouquet my 88 year old Grandmother sent Golden Raintree Blooms all the way fro…, we foraged fresh Oak branches & Nandina leaves days before and of course, we imported the freshest, most amazing blooms we could. Even ripened Olive Branches, privet berries and coral charm peonies.

The recipe.

oh, Oh, OH the flower recipe has to be something, something wonderfully personal and beautifully meaningful for this bride. I love her, after all.

Lemme tell you about Linsay, a UGA grady school girl who comes from a line of UGA grads, is one of those people that is good, wholesome, sweet, kind, brilliant & giving all of the time. She’s one of those gals. You know the ones that are extraordinarily attractive, always smiling while nice to every person and animal they meet. She earns the best life a person can lead because she is so genuinely well mannered and kind.

Heart. Of. Pure-gold.

Then there’s, Matthew her fiance who is simply incredible – handsome, smart, totally southern gent. Love. So much love all around this. You’re feelin’ it, aren’t you?

Plus, their families are just as perfect. Lins, for one, has the best parents I know. These are the best folks in the world, like ever.

So you get the idea, the flower recipe had to be absolutely, positively right-on because I know this fascinatingly divine crowd very well. To me it was. At least, the blossom-program was everything I felt in that moment of making.  I never know what the bride really thinks, or what other people think. That is the part I worry about, the part that makes me nervous. I know when I feel it’s right and that’s about it.

This bouquet is about three times larger than any bouquet I’ve ever made as I have no idea how it happened except that I was so caught up in LINSAY’s wedding (!!!!) that the love felt big that day. It had full blooms, budding blooms and flowers in all stages of life to represent the life of these two people. It had things clipped by my Grandmother, things clipped by me and things I think beautifully express this world God has given us and the love so great between this couple.

I guess, I am trying to say that this moment – the one of handing my heartfelt work… the flower ingredient list that takes months & months to come to fruition, the bouquet that is a life time of friendship, blessings, belief and wishes all bundled within one round of velvet and a tie of twine is about to meet the woman it’s meant for, the woman I thought about with everything within me for so many days and nights… and, all I can worry about is that everything in me is in that mound of fauna and that I hope she and the world like it… that it’s okay.

Will it bring her joy and all the things I wish? I hope so.

Will she love it? Oh, goodness. I hope so.

Will it make her radiant? And, bring beauty to the ceremony before her? Ah! I hope so.

Will the world like it and understand it as much as I do?

For me, delivering the bridal bouquet is the wink it’s all about. It’s the twinkle, that flash of time that’s every single thing. It’s when my gift is delivered. It’s the definitive. It is markedly special to me especially when it’s the moment my best friend is receiving her bouquet. Even more so, when I am absent as my daughter steps in to make this giving over of my love.

So, when Pottery Barn called to confide that they think that moment between Beatrice, Linsay & I is beautiful with a wish to feature it on to Have & to Hold, I knew. I finally knew, that the world thinks it’s okay. The world thinks the flower recipe is just right for this person, this friend, this bride & groom. While not overshadowing them, it’s understated compared to how big their love is. It compliments & enlightens the devotion of the day, the couple & the emotion & the commitment before them just perfectly.

So now, I can relax.

Thank you, Pottery Barn.



I first shared this on The Southern Coterie, here.

See the full DIY post from Camp Makery here.

Pottery Barn’s feature on Have & Hold, here.

Meet the Bride, here.

Floral Design House: Colonial House of Flowers

Venue: Old Freeman Farm, Georgia

Photography: Haley Sheffield

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”
Coco Chanel







Beatrice and Whitaker pose after his birthday party at preschool.

Handy Dandy Easter Egg Candy!

Thanks for sharing this, Aunt Peg. All research is good research. It did briefly mention early-onset Alzheimers. Oh, and thank you, too, Science Friday!


Monday FUNday. Hooray for spring break.

Glow in the dark Skull&Crossbones silly band earrings me
Fancy up me hearties. Yo ho! This pair of glow-in-the-dark silly band skull earrings are sure to be the life ofye party and the highlight of me mates day. These jewels would have been the perfect treasure to shiver me timbers at Beatrice’s Pirate party!
These pirate earringsfrom Black Feather Studiosare as one-of-a-kind as the artist, who just launched the etsystore. I am be a huge fan of this young girl. My love goes waaaayyyy back to when she was a baby girl — and, used to come play with my sister, my dog and I at the beach. I am so impressed with her work. I can’t believe she can do this…the mediums she uses (like snake vertebrae)are naturally, ecclectically cool while the jewelry is feminine and pretty.
Congratulations, Black Feather Studio. Your shop is unique and beautiful…just like you and your sweet mama. Kudos!

there is popular and there is good.  i think, this song is good.

Love. Never. Fails.
When in doubt and blue, I have to remind myself. What a pretty reminder.
photo from here
ilove a good, simplecollection. brian does not. something about this collection remind me of my mom. shecollects old bottles and old glass. such a pretty thing to collect.

i’m going NO where this weekend. staying put, hanging out in the yard and going to birthday parties (adult and kid ones).
spring is here.
have a fabulous, peaceful weekend.
feel good letterpress cardfound here

Brian was informed that he was selected to be in theStatesboro Herald’s 201120 Under 40 group of young leaders.

Congrats, babe.

You deserve all the honors, accolades, awards,and enough applause to bring down the housefor all of those things you do.






Beatrice, that bowling ball is as big as you! We had a great time playing at The Clubhouse at Gracie’s 7th birthday. Our toddler fashionista dressed herself and swore off the provided shoes at the center. “Mama, I am NOT wearing those,” she informed us. As you can see, she changed her mind upon realizing that it is a requirement to bowl. The little bowling shoes were so tiny and cute.

Whitaker had a great time, too. Depite my best attempt, the delay on my camera phone prevented any shots of speedy Whitaker.

Beatrice used her tickets to buy Whitaker a one inch bouncy ball, a ring that we lost at The Clubhouse, and a plastic bracelet that broke. It must be fun to shop because we spent the longest time deciding exactly what to purchase.

All in all it was a great party and a great birthday celebration for sweet Gracie at The Clubhouse!

Dear Walt Disney World:

I really relished the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend. In fact, I thought it was an incredible opportunity to live it up! However, I had no idea you would embarresinglypost pictures and videosand create a vision for the world of just how horrific I look in workout attire, how awkward I run, and how ridiculous I am after running 13.1 miles.

I spent way too much on this event. Mickey, you can be confident I will notexceed my budgetwhen it comes to purchasingthismemorabilia. I guess, your social media accomplished one thing: proof to the world that fat women CAN run. Yee haw. Girls, I did it!

If only I had known, I would have sprucedup before the 4abus ride, put on some make up, worn something more flattering and less frumpish.

All in all, your disregard for my race-privacy-wish does not inhibit myfancy for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. It wasan unbelievably, marveloustime. Thanks for a show stopping princess-of-an-event that helped me reach my goals and gave me an opportunity to revel in girl time.

Yoursmost truelyembarressed,


umbrella from beachbungalow8

time to get friday ON

Julie from Sprinkles Bath & Bodymade these cute products. Remember those straws I got from fort & field for the melting Witch Punch? Well, these are the same straws.I think this isvery creative!

Lip lollies are all natural lip balm made to look like a real lollipop by using a striped paper straw for the stick…

Many prayers.

Love this. Happy Tuesday. HappyYOUesday!

I admit my heart is still breaking over Japan. The Tsunami. The Earthquake. The Nuclear Explosions. The Deaths. And, it is frigid winter over there. I’m sure it is for many of you have aching hearts, too.

thanks for the photo, leslie

I hope you had a beautiful weekend. With my grandmother, cousin, sweet sister and beautiful neice were in town – plusand lots of family and friends in our back yard to celebrate Beatrice’s 4th Birthday Pirate style — WE DID!!!

Here is a band that I am enjoying thanks to Black Eiffel. The nameof the band is: Little Joy. Have you heard of them? They are happy, chirpy, cheerful and FANTASTIC!Amazing voice: this clipis amazing, too.

Little Joy

photo from Chronicle Books

Download the album on itunes or amazon.*

Can you believe it’s March already? Not only is it March…it is the MIDDLE OF MARCH.
March heralds the start of Spring.Hallelujah! Spring is my favorite season. This Month redbpower is preparing to head into the busy season, we are celebrating Beatrice’s Birthday and my birthday here at home, digging around a little in the backyard, opening back up the windows and doorsand hoping to get to the beach a few times.
Happy March Everyone!
Sorry I ama little late.

Look at thesebeautifully designed and handcrafted note cards and prints from everythinglittlemiss – so cute!

this bicycle wedding is just as cute as these cards…even though the two are completely unrelated.




The picture clarity is horrific, yet I must share the pictures because Beatrice had the BEST time helping stuff the Treasure Chest Pinata made by our DEAREST FRIEND Jane! Oh, how I heart a great artist. And,I amsofortunate that she shares her amazing talent with my little family.

Upon meeting Jane at her “home studio” early Sunday morning she let Pirate Beatrice help hook the lootin the treasureand cover the final work. Argghh.

Oh, and I can’t resist sharing the picture of sweet little Marie. What a princess this little dog is!

Thank you, Jane, for making our birthday parties so special. We love you along with your extra specialartistic touches. Did I mention shehand crafted a wood sword to break the pinata?!?!?

And, thanks for your helpMarie. You are a special gal, too.

See Jane’s ceramics and sculptures, here.


The great thing about being married to a handyman: when you mention that you are stumped by “where in the world”to seat children at a party he returns three hours later with four perfectly sized picnic tables. Amazing.

Posted on Wednesday, now has10.7 million views – if you haven’t seen this, it’s worth a peek:

Beautiful Secret by Jean-Sebastien Monzani

Beautiful Secret by Jean-Sebastien Monzani

A while back, I saw this well-done video clip with it’senchantingly beautiful message by Jean-SbastienMonzani over atBlack Eiffel. I refer to it – from time to time -because it really brightenes my day with inspiration. I think it is an excellent thing to offer you to startthe week.I hope that we can all do a little of this each day.

Do you have any photos, blogs, sites or video’s that you use for inspiration – ones that make you feel lighter, more creative or peaceful? I would love to know.

Have a beautiful week…

wishing all my friends, family, and readers an amazing day!
remember to tell all of the special people in your life that you love them.
ileave you withthis beautiful design featuring one of my very favorite quotesfrom mother teresa on the subject.
happy valentines week!

…these monograms made out of sailing flags. Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a different flag in this shared room.

Isn’t that cool? I love it!

I love these monograms, the artist that made them, and the mama who put them in her babies room.

All around lots of love, nautical love, LOVE. Sailingaway with lots of kudos. :)


ienjoy the seasons. ienjoy intentional living in the moment. ilike the leaves falling, bare trees, chilly air, shorter days, and rainy weather. but, iam ready for spring this year. ican hear it whispering in the distance. i am ready for the brown to turn to green, for the bulbs to force through the dirt, for things to grow, to shine, and to be longer, brighter and more colorful.

i love this photo from the viva terra catalog. they have the right idea! ipost it in effort to tell the season gods that i am very ready very ready for spring!

photo viaflickr
I think this is a wonderful idea.
I am sooo over the rain. And, ever grateful for the sunshine of yesterday and today!

BOB stroller jogging outdoors

If you know me, you know that I am a minamalist. I don’t have a lot of things. But, the thingsI do have, I really, really love and adore. If you know me then you probably know that I used to pine for a good stroller…and, that Brian super surprised me with an unusally fantastic present onetimethat is high on the adoration list:a BOB Strollers!

My sentiments considered, I can notresist sharing these fantasticgiveaways.

The first one is on the Design Mom Facebook page. You could win a world-famous BOB Stroller Stride in bright valentine red. Time to get myred ON!

Are you a BOB fanatic? I sooo am – with a double thatI swearby for pretty much any outside activity from all-terrain walks/runs to tackling in-town curbs.Admittedly, it is extra-wide-bulky-large-kind-of-cumbersome-so big that it is slightly embarressing, which is why the singlemust. be. perfect. OoOOooo…Ahhhh. HOLY STROLLER.

The Stroller Strides version is made especially with fitness in mind. Hello??Need I say more.Thismust be one great stroller. Iteven has a BOB Fitness Kit that includes aHandlebar Console, exercise manual and exercise tubing.The company actuallylaunchedthis new line on February 1 withnew features and colors.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on Design Mom Facebook post between now and February 15.That iseasy. For another chance, you can check out theBOB Stroller Facebook fan page.

Pushing products and brands seems pretentious and phony; but, the BOB is an exception.

We enjoy oursso much.It would make my day if you won theBOBby Giveway! :)



Thanks for visiting my blog. I love it when you stop by. 
This cute card says it best!
 cutest card (I say this all the time to people!) 
via Steel Petal Press & aroomsomewhere 
photo: beachbungalow8

Ah, YES! It’s this kind of day.Cold. Mitten-y.

No snow here despite the powdery downfall throughout the United States; yet, chill-ful, rainy and gray.

Snow. Ohh, snowcan be sobeautiful.

Some days, I wish I livedin a place that got more white, fluffy, powdery, icy snow.

I know heavy snow is really not that romantic. But, I’ll take itifI can be the dude behind the hand-held zamboni (at 1:07).



iregret these aren’t the best focused pictures. iquickly took them with my phone. last week beatrice’sdance school performed a charity recital, Faith in Motion. this is her second year going to class, but the first performance ihave seen because ihave always been back stage. it was breathtaking. i, very honestly, was amazed at how good the girls were, especially the older ones. and, b’s class was absolutely adorable. they were soooocute. brian and i were so proud of our little dancer!

we usually take beatrice somewhere to celebrate post performance, like Chops or Christopher’s for desert. but, tonight we had sweet Whitaker. so, El Som for dinner it was! Tana and Whitaker snuggled on one side of the booth, while Papa, Beatrice and I sat on the other side. it was a great night. :)

Hello February.For me, February is about getting back into the swing of things. It’s red. It’s pink. It’s almost green and this year, it is almost spring! It’s also the month we celebrate love. It’s about building and getting ready. Itis putting itin gear. Happy F.E.B.

The month is off to a great start: I did play hooky yesterday. I left the office and went to the gym. Does that count?

Oh, and I should let you know that Briandid like his red velvet cake.

Here’s to a wonderful and productive February full of love, and a fun run.

photo via absolutelybeautifulthings
let’s play hooky today. i’m in!
photo via redbpower

“We’ve spent a generation trying to reorganize schools to make them better, but the truth is that people learn from the people they love.”

David Brooks “Social Animal: How the New Sciences of Human Nature Can Help Make Sense of a Life”, The New Yorker, January 17, 2011
just a picture i love…to begin the week.
via absolutely beautiful things


mixed up a bunch of ingredients likethis


Beatrice could hardly contain her excitement. “Mama, what kind of party do you think Papa is going to have? Are all his Fah-Wends coming,” she curiously asked. She suspects he is having a “spider man” or a “prinnncesss” one.


She loved every minute. Including recipe hunting, grocery shopping, , baking, cooling, icing it took all day. It was GREAT …even when the red food dye spilled on my shorts and all over the counter *sigh* *smile*.


Whitaker was not interested in baking. He was, however, very interested in entertaining us with the sounds and races of histrucks, motocycles and cars.


Nothing glamorous. Made with a whole lot of time and love, though.

I hope Brian isn’t offended that we made him a red velvet cake for his birthday.

Happy birthday, Red. We love you to the MOON!







map pillow My Bearded Pigeon

design mom is moving to france for a year. A YEAR. she is leaving in a week. the countdown is on. iam amazed and in love with this decision her family of eight is making. in fact, imust admit iam followinggabrielle’s blog like a hungry poodle atchow time. isavor each morsel of a postthat she drops. isalivate with wonder and expectation, while feeling full upon each momand her husband are making an international move with their six children. i admire the freedom, the shear size, and the adventure of this family.

so, here’s to you, design mom. from my little blog to your big one. and my little family to your large one. you are absolutely amazing! thanks for the blog brunch. it isa special treat. thanks for sharing your bold feast with us. for the record – from here on out, iwill be having champagne, cheese, andfoiegras chips with each blue plate of a post (or at least,considering it).

bon voyage!

P.S. I am in love with these map pillows she posted onher blogby My Bearded Pigeon.They scan in actual maps and then have them printed as textiles.

Chalkboard Globes are so interesting.

This one seen on, here, is from Viva Terra.

I found this one from Blue Bell Bazaar on Leslie’s blog.

And, here isanother blackboard world globe.The outlines of continents are painted asthe national boundaries and country namescan be added withchalk on this one from Link-via Nag on the Lake& Neatorama

Finally, here is a home made one from black fern. She has directions if you like.

Have a great week. Stay warm. And, stay dry!

I remember how this feels.


photo viaabsolutelybeautifulthings

beautiful quote

via seasaw

A little letterpress love for this fine Tuesday morning.

You know it smells like dirt right when it begins to rain {oh, my. how cool.}
Since I started working for my husband’s electrical office, I have become more educated and interested in green living practices. Every industry magazine, newsletter, meeting seems to pulse with sustainability as the suggested life line. More, as my friend Katie can attest I enjoy gardening as a hobby. I like living things.
I stumbled upon the work of Patrick Blanc, is thecreator of the Vertical Garden. I really like it.
It takes my breathe away.
He has beencreating these forest floors, turned sideways all over Paris among other international locales.


Beatrice has started a new collection: acorns.

Am I the last one to see this T-Mobile Welcome Back clip? It is awesome. I think the flashmob ad campaign is rusty. But, in this instance, who cares? I love it! What would you think if you came off a plane home – to that?!? I love the people’s surprised faces. Ironically, they are real. Seriously. It is live filming. The reactions are from true witnesses – filmed by 18 hidden cameras. I like the range of the music selected. The vocal orchestra peformand is spectacular: At Last by Etta James, Comin Home Baby by Mel Torme, Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison, I am the Passenger by Iggy Pop and I Knew You Were Waiting (for me) by George Michael & Aretha Franklin.

I like everything about this commercial, Saatchi & Saatchi London rocked it.

Nice work, T-Mobile.


New Year. New Hue!!

Still have to tweak the color as the last batch of paint is the wrong color. But, this is an idea of what it looks like. I am excited because I love the new room, yet nervous that it is going to blend with the rest of the house. You won’t believe how cheerful this room is…I love the color and the room even if it doesn’t look good!






Family paint day.

This beautifully filmed, Redwood forestvideoby Jesse Rostenis about growth, nature, roots, groves…definitely worth a look-see. There is a reverence, serenity, and peacefulnessabout it.

(via Black Eiffel)

amateur astronomer takes stunning photos. nice work byAlan Friedman. there may be nothing new under the sun, but all that there is under, over, around and near remains inspiring, breath taking, interesting, and mystifying.




via journal

this amazing starlette crownreminds me of sweet, spickle-sparkle(as she calls the shineythings she loves)beatrice

and a and so does this very cute vintage owl. she loves barn owls, i suppose from all of the visits to the raptor centerand she loves blue birds (from her wizard of oz fascination). this looks just like her, to me.

both found via hereon the etsy favorite list

Happy Happy New Year!!
And, yes. I do know that it is a little late. Punctuality hasn’t been my strong suit in years.
image1 – , image 2- little of that, image3 – kates papiere

recent books i’ve read

Saw this fabulous pillowon Etsy. Love it!

I don’t knowwhat you have been reading lately. Whathave you been reading? I just finished this book, below. I loved it. I typically sell my books on Amazon upon completion; however, this book I am keeping for my personal library as a reference. With a message that speaks to my fast paced lifestyle and my constant attempt to slow things down I think it is an excellent reference book. I hope it is a collection of essays that I return to for insight and inspiration when things get to be too much, too fast, and too unmeaningful.
I just wish I had more time to read. Between working in Brian’s office in the mornings, taking care of Beatrice and Whitakerin the afternoons and evenings, keeping pets for friends when they go out of town, and training for a half marathon race, I find it difficult toetch out reading time. Do you? When do people find the time to read books?
Mitten Strings for God: Reflections  for Mothers in a Hurry

I must say that I enjoyed it more than any book I have read in a long time. It comes with my recommendation!

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter reads Wow.

Crunchy numbers

Featured image

A helper monkey made this abstract painting, inspired by your stats.

About 3 million people visit the Taj Mahal every year. This blog was viewed about 50,000 times in 2010. If it were the Taj Mahal, it would take about 6 days for that many people to see it.

In 2010, there were 71 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 897 posts. There were 28 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 8mb. That’s about 2 pictures per month.

The busiest day of the year was October 25th with 332 views. The most popular post that day was Cute Felt Shoes for Girls.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were,,,, and

Some visitors came searching, mostly for felt, clothespin dolls, window treatments, christy hulsey, and i love you in sign language.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


Cute Felt Shoes for Girls June 2008


French Lullaby – “La petite poule grise” June 2008


Free Credit Report Dot Com Pirate Commercial January 2008


FREE Reusable Shopping Bag June 2008


Chris McCandless Photos May 2008

I think this is great inspiration any time, but especially for the first day of the first week of the new year. Happy New Year!

I haven’t made my annual resolutions, though I have thought about them. I have always made a list. Is that weird? Oh, who cares. I look forward to it every year. I amTOTALLYJEALOUSof Jordan’s resolution. I only wish mine were so ambitious as I admit mylist is bound to bemore humble.

I don’t know what you have in store for the new year. Whatever it is, I hope it is great!