Hi Friends, I’m headed to Sex & The City with a few girlfriends tonight. Have you seen it?  I am so pumped as I can’t wait to see Carrie’s shoe closet!!! 

The floors (I have to say floors because if former roommates or family members read this, they will attest that all of my shoes untidily carpeted the bottoms of my closets rather than neatly resting in an organizer) of the closets my life have sparkled with good Gilly’s and brogues, and some some outstanding platforms.  My old plights would laugh hysterically at the slender soles my new Chacos while mocking their dull black natural fiber laces.

“She wears high heels when she exercises,” sings Train in Meet Virgina. Like Carrie, I loved my shoes.  My life couldn’t be described better with another line.  Train’s lyrics say it well.

Things have changed a lot since then for Carrie…and I.

I can’t wait to catch up on the characters lives tonight. I can’t wait to see the movie!

Cosmos, anyone?

The shoe illustration is by artist Leanne Shapton  via Creature Comforts.